Legrand Legrand

  • Nearly

    14 billion

    connected objects

  • 50 billion

    by 2020

  • Source: Cisco

The IOT market in 2020

Graphique 40 % 60 %

  • 40 %: Business to Consumer

    60 %: Business to Business


    source : www.analytics.com

Innovation at the heart of the Legrand Internet of Things

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The market for connected objects is exploding, opening up a new era for buildings and spurring growth in “smart” solutions for individual and professional users alike. Legrand is already playing a part in this revolution and believes that the IoT will gradually emerge as the norm because it offers additional benefits for users.

A revolution in progress

Connected objects are gradually entering every sector: health, transport, trade, energy, the environment, leisure, the home, industry and more. No segment of the economy is left behind. The average number of connected objects per person is likely to rise from two in 2014 to four in 2020 (Source: CISCO). The Internet of Things should gradually become the norm for buildings along with everything else.

Legrand - already connected

The Internet of Things is already a reality at Legrand. In 2016, the Group generated nearly €440 million in sales from connected products. In emergency lighting, home automation, energy efficiency and sound distribution, Legrand already has an innovative connected offering to meet the needs of users for electrical and digital building infrastructures.

Emergency lighting

Legrand emergency lighting units are already self-testing. Smart and connected, they make installations easier to maintain and control.

Home Automation

Remote control of an electrical installation is made possible by Legrand’s My Home connected solutions. They let you supervise and control your home via a smartphone or tablet.

Energy efficiency

The new connected Legrand eco-meter can be used to measure and display electricity consumption locally or remotely, for better control.

Sound distribution

With a single source and several connected receivers and diffusers, multi-room sound distribution greatly enhances user comfort.


What we believe

Given the boom in the Internet of Things and changing uses, we must enrich buildings’ digital infrastructure, while also developing connected products and services—for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

By enabling parameter setting, data collection and interaction, connected objects provide an additional benefit to the user. This added value is a function of use: thanks to the IoT, additional services are possible, processes can be automated and response times reduced, users can interact, etc. Meanwhile, manufacturers face two challenges: data security and protection of privacy.

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