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  • Nearly


    million of Group sales came from connected objects in 2016.

  • an increase of nearly


    over 2015

  • or nearly


    of Group sales in 2016

Innovation at the heart of the Legrand Internet of Things

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Legrand believes that the Internet of Things will soon become the norm. The Group intends, with Eliot, to speed up the development of its connected offer. Mobilizing the entire Group, the Eliot program aims to instill a communication dynamic into Legrand products wherever the Internet of Things can give an added benefit to the user. By year-end 2016, The Group’s achievements were ahead of its targets, with total sales of connected products up by nearly 40%.

Instilling a communication dynamic

The Eliot program aims firstly at increasing the value-in-use of our existing products by adding connectivity; it also spurs development of new products with native communication capability; and it supports exploratory work that points toward the future, much as concept cars do.

3 principles

Benefit, simplicity and respect for the user are the 3 principles guiding the Eliot approach.


Eliot does not seek to add connectivity to objects as an end in itself but as an essential characteristic. The smart features and communication capacity added to Legrand products must improve their value-in-use over the long term for the user and deliver genuine additional benefits.


Eliot connected objects must be simple, intuitive and easy to install, features that have always guided Legrand in the design of its products.


Since the Internet of Things and the multiplication of data will necessarily have consequences for people’s privacy, Legrand intends to remain true to its values, making respect for the user an imperative. Eliot thus helps preserve the confidentiality of data, which can only be communicated to partners if doing so provides the user with added services and is done with the user’s agreement.


Eliot, innovation accelerator

The Eliot program is part of Legrand's strategy of constant innovation. It concerns all the Group's teams and all brands, all over the world. It is especially supported by:

- An Innovation and Systems team, working in particular on communication protocols

- Development teams responsible for integrating these technological components into the product portfolio

- The Legrand Design Team, responsible for exploring trends and uses.

The Group is also developing suitable digital infrastructures and is engaged in various partnerships and alliances focused on interoperability.

Eliot, a label for all legrand's connected devices

Eliot is a development program but also a label. Legrand connected devices will be marked with the program logo for easy identification.

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