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 The Internet of Things allows users to compose new features that further enhance their experience.  

Milka Eskola
Group VP Art & Design

All Legrand products that need maintenance, supervision or remote control will benefit enormously by being connected. The group's objective is to double the number of its connected product families from 20 in 2014 to 40 in 2020.

What the iot brings to Legrand products

IoT provides the possibility of PARAMETERING Legrand products in complete simplicity, via applications. It also allows cloud-based COLLECTING of information in support of decision-making. Last but not least, it enables users to INTERACT with products.

Some examples of developments in progress

The main Eliot developments to date are happening in the areas of home automation, wiring devices, emergency lighting, door entry systems, data centers, UPS, sound distribution, surveillance cameras and assisted living.

Eliot program

Eliot program

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Assisted living

Providing safety for people with diminished independence.

For the benefit of frail persons in their homes, remote assistance solutions provide for sending of an alert in the event of a fall or sudden illness. On top of this, Legrand is working on activity monitoring systems combining various types of sensors including motion sensors and door sensors. Such actimetry systems can facilitate early detection of any abnormal activity on the part of the frail person that may indicate a deterioration in their condition.
For long-term care institutions, Legrand is also developing more comprehensive detection systems enabling, for instance, real-time locating of residents, ongoing measurement of health indicators, monitoring of sleep quality, etc.
These various connected sensors and systems can send warning messages and notifications to relatives and/or healthcare professionals to ensure timely assistance, thereby enhancing people’s everyday quality of life.


Home automation

Connecting existing homes and remotely controlling lighting and roller blinds.

A wireless version of My Home, the My Home Play offer is ideal for existing installations. Very easy to install, it turns any home into a smart home. Controlling lighting and roller blinds, simulating presence remotely, finding out the temperature of a room, etc: with "smart actions", controlling your home from your smartphone or tablet is now child's play.


Energy management

Measuring and controlling energy consumption in complete simplicity and freedom.

Designed for small commercial buildings, Legrand's wireless energy management offer proposes a set of smart sockets and sensors which can be used, locally or remotely, to measure energy consumption, monitor its evolution and design economy scenarios. If they wish, users can benefit from additional services, such as comparing their installation against similar ones.Key benefit: a pack that is very easy to install, mobile and flexible, that allows users to decide how they wish to analyse and monitor their consumption.



Being informed remotely.

Legrand's new connected chimes have the capability of automa-tically sending the smartphone or tablet of the occupant of the house a picture of the person who rang the doorbell.


Video door entry

Interacting remotely.

Legrand is working on a concept of a connected video door entry phone which will allow people to interact with the person who has rung the door of the building or house, using voice and image on their smartphone or tablet, locally or remotely. This is particularly useful if the user wishes people to think they are at home when they are in fact on holiday, for example.

In an apartment building, an application linked to the door entry phone also allows the residents or building manager to share and forward information easily.



Avoiding inconvenience linked to unexpected power cuts.

Combined with a circuit breaker, Legrand's new Stop & Go connected control unit will allow users to be informed remotely, on their smartphone or tablet, of the status of their electrical installation and any false tripping and give them the option, if conditions are safe enough, to reset their installation remotely.

This connected generation of Stop & Go control units can mitigate the inconvenience of unexpected power cuts , especially for appliances such as freezers, cold stores and alarms.


Surveillance cameras

Easily implementing remote surveillance and receiving real time alerts.

When connected, the latest generations of surveillance camera can be used to view all the installation images in real time, locally or remotely. They also offer advanced functions that users can choose to activate whenever they wish, such as detecting movement, recording, sending emails, etc. Installation is also made easier by the absence of cabling.



Being informed of the status of the emergency system, avoiding operating losses.

When connected, Legrand's UPS systems give a real-time overview of the status of all the batteries, their capacity to take over in the event of a power cut and for how long the system can continue to work if mains power is not restored. This monitoring can be done locally or remotely. It can also be entrusted to third parties, including Legrand, who can thus offer additional services such as remote predictive maintenance.


PDU (Power Distribution Units)

Powering and monitoring activity in data centers.

Beyond their primary function of providing energy to servers in data centers, connected PDUs allow to monitor the environment inside the 19" enclosures in which they are installed (energy consumption, humidity, temperature, etc.). They are also capable of transmitting data, thereby ensuring permanent monitoring of the installation status and enabling optimisation of its efficiency.
By their smart features, connected PDUs also allow to take remote action by, for instance, suspending or restoring power supply to a server to reboot it.


Emergency lighting

Simplifying maintenance and personalising desired services.

Legrand is exploring new self-contained emergency lighting units which, natively connected, can simplify maintenance even further and allow for personalisation of required services.

This new generation of emergency units can monitor an entire installation remotely. Users can, if they wish, receive alert notifications on their smartphone or tablet which are easy to configure. They can also for example decide to receive the list of equipment needed for some maintenance work, or automatically trigger an order for spare parts.


Exploratory research work

The Eliot program also concerns ongoing research work. For example, Legrand is working on concepts for connected surge protective devices, natively connected sockets, and smart sensors for assisted living applications. But the Eliot dynamic goes even further, inspiring exploratory projects conducted by the Legrand Design team to imagine avant-garde concepts that prefigure the future, similarly to concept cars.


With Flocoon pixel, Legrand gives us a taste of the electrical controls of the future

A ground-breaking concept in electrical home controls presented at the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial 2015, FLOCOON Pixel puts the spotlight on an unprecedented form and concept, with control units which create a completely new relationship between people and their homes. Drawing inspiration from the world of connected objects, FLOCOON Pixel aims to explore a smart and intuitive way of managing controls based on interaction and the merging of function with form. In a truly ground-breaking way, users get to play and combine functionalities simply by making intuitive gestures.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, the pixel, as a basic unit in the shape of a pentagon, can be combined with others to create an infinite wealth of combinations. Thanks to a dedicated app, users are placed centre-stage in personalising their interface, in both aesthetic and functional terms. For instance, they can combine the “dimmer” pixel with the “motion sensor” pixel, thereby generating enhanced functionality in a playful, intuitive way. FLOCOON Pixel turns lighting control into something playful, and gives a taste of the electrical controls of the future.