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 It is our responsibility to contribute
to a reduction in energy inequality worldwide. 

Nathalie Lacombe

Nathalie Lacombe
Sustainable Development Coordinator
Strategy and Development Department

  • 20%

    of the world's population does not have access to electricity

  • 8 million

    people are affected by energy poverty in France

  • Up to


    savings on lighting costs with an automatic switch

Legrand Electricity for all ™ :

  • 1 purpose :

    Sustainably reduce energy inequality

  • 2 aims :

    Provide access to electricity and reduce energy poverty

  • 4 areas for action :

    Aid partnerships, exploratory research, frugal innovation, energy efficiency

Legrand considers that part of its role is to help enable the greatest possible number of people to enjoy sustainable access to electricity

This mission is supported by a program called Legrand Electricity for all ™. Launched in 2013, this program encompasses all the actions taken by the Group and its subsidiaries worldwide to provide access to electricity and reduce energy poverty.




Electricity, a major lever for development

Electricity is an essential factor in development for populations.
Access to electricity makes lighting possible. It makes heating and cooling possible. It makes recharging your telephone or computer possible. It makes developing trade or business activity possible, and so on. Therefore, electricity is a major lever for economic growth. Provided it is accessible and affordable.

Sustainably reducing energy inequality

The Legrand Electricity for all ™ program is based on two main aims: enabling access to electricity on one hand, and combating energy poverty on the other. To achieve these two main goals, the program includes four types of initiatives: aid partnerships, exploratory research projects, a frugal innovation approach (consisting of developing products meeting basic needs), and the design of solutions enabling lower electricity consumption.

Graphic sustainably reducing energy inequality

At the heart of legrand's corporate strategy and social responsibility

Impulsed by the General Management and steered by the Sustainable Development Department, the Legrand Electricity for all ™ program is fully part of the Group's strategy. It is rolled out worldwide, and involves and mobilises many stakeholders, both internal and external (employees, aid organisations, etc.). Legrand is particularly an active partner of the NGO Electriciens sans frontières.


Legrand Electricity for all ™

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