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  • 8 million

    people are affected by energy poverty in France

  • Up to

    15 %

    savings with consumption display

  • Up to

    55 %

    savings on lighting costs with a standalone detector

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Reducing energy inequality also involves acting against energy poverty. this is the second main aim of the Legrand Electrity for all program.

It encompasses a frugal innovation approach, leading to the development of product ranges meeting basic needs, and designing solutions to improve energy efficiency (and thus limiting energy bills).


This frugal innovation approach leads to the design, development and marketing of wiring device and circuit breaker ranges that locally allow the sustainable and safe fitting out of buildings, at a price that is affordable for the greatest possible number of people.

ZULI (Brasil)

Zuli wiring devices in Brasil

Zuli aims to be the most appropriate option for social housing projects, notably in the framework of the "Minha Casa Minha Vida" (My House, My Life) program, the aim of which is to reduce the shortage of accommodation in Brazil.

YI PIN and K2 (China)

Yi pin and K2 wiring devices in China

In China, Legrand has launched a number of wiring device ranges, notably Yi Pin and K2, to equip the new constructions of the "Social Housing Project", a government program aimed at facilitating widespread access to housing. The objective is to provide competitive equipment, suited to the budgetary constraints of these new residential buildings, while relying on product quality.



Legrand contributes to sustainably reducing energy inequality by developing solutions that enable an improvement in energy efficiency, thereby lowering electricity consumption and energy bills. These solutions include, for example, presence detectors and energy measurement tools (smart meters and measurement displays).

In the home, for example, solutions range from presence detectors to complete automation equipment, allowing the control and programming of lighting, heating and other forms of electricity consumption, so as to optimise electricity consumption and, ultimately, energy bills.

In commercial or industrial buildings, the "energy efficiency" offer covers, for example, the management of lighting, the management of office equipment, emergency lighting or the measurement and monitoring of infrastructure.

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