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 Legrand is one of our long-standing partners. 

Hervé Gouyet

Chairman of Electriciens Sans Frontières

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On the basis of its firm belief that energy availability represents a major lever for economic development and helps to reduce poverty, Legrand is committed to helping everyone gain simple, safe and sustainable access to electricity, all over the world.

In practice, this involves two types of initiatives, both at the level of the Group and of its subsidiaries: aid partnerships and exploratory research projects undertaken in collaboration.


Aid partnerships

In order to meet general electricity needs, Legrand works in cooperation with stakeholders involved in local development. As such, since 2007, the Group has been a partner of Électriciens sans frontières, an NGO working on developing access to energy for the most impoverished populations. This partnership involves providing support for long-term development projects (e.g. electrification of school or hospital buildings) and providing assistance for emergency humanitarian actions when needed. Legrand's support for Electriciens Sans Frontières is implemented by providing financial aid, equipment and expertise.

To date, Legrand has taken part in more than 70 projects alongside Electriciens Sans Frontières to bring emergency assistance or access to electricity to people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. These actions have provided approximately 780,000 people with electricity, in over 20 countries.


Green energy for a village

Legrand is involved in the "Green energy for 24 villages in Phongsaly province" project, a vast electrification campaign to enable populations to access a minimum amount of electricity using picoturbines. Legrand's role includes providing financial aid, donating equipment and providing support for an independent roll-out of the installations.

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ESF in Somalia

In 2012, Legrand Dubai provided logistical support for the electrification of the Safianta refugee camp, in Mogadishu. As direct intervention was not possible, Electriciens Sans Frontières trained members of the WAHA and Red Crescent organisations in Dubai, using resources provided by Legrand.

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Exploratory research projects

To enable access to electricity, Legrand also implements an active exploratory research policy, based on a collaborative approach. By means of surveys in the field, experimental projects and creativity workshops, the Group analyses the basic needs of populations and identifies the procedure that best meets these needs, particularly in emerging countries. The areas explored within the scope of this process lead to the development of new types of electrical installations, suited to specific local needs and enabling secure access to electricity. The research can take a wide range of forms: it may involve developing specific concepts, joint initiatives or purely exploratory surveys on specific themes.


Electric’ALL :
from research to innovation

Legrand innovation

Legrand's Art and Design Management is working on an experimental concept for emerging countries, called "Electric'ALL", originally based on observation of the Indian market, its usages and its constraints. Noting the needs of the populations, particularly in rural areas, Legrand imagined a novel solution for connection to electricity, combining simplicity, safety and modularity via a USB connection.

Creativity workshops with Electriciens Sans Frontières


Twice a year, Legrand and Electriciens Sans Frontières organise a day-long brainstorming workshop bringing together members of Electriciens Sans Frontières and Legrand staff. The purpose is to enable dialogue on the needs of local populations in terms of access to electricity and to consider channels for innovation in order to satisfy these needs. The latest research topic explored to date is photovoltaic installation protection.

Legrand & éléctriciens sans frontières

Legrand & électriciens sans frontières

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Electricity for All

Electricity for All

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Taking action against energy poverty

Taking action against energy poverty

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Message of, the CEO

Chairman’s message

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