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Electriciens Sans Frontières is an international solidarity focused NGO, approved by the Committee of the Charter "Confident Donation". Its projects are aimed at those whose development and, in some cases, survival are endangered for lack of long-term, secure access to electricity. It also provides its expertise to international solidarity actors to secure their electrical installations worldwide, particularly healthcare or education facilities. And it works on emergency projects following humanitarian disasters.
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 We share the same development philosophy as Legrand. 

Hervé Gouyet

Chairman of Electriciens Sans Frontières

  • Since 2007, the actions of Legrand and Electriciens Sans Frontières have brought access to electricity to approximately

    780 000


  • Over

    30 projects

    supported in 2012 in 15 Asian and African countries

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Legrand is one of the most valued partners of the ngo Electriciens Sans Frontières

Both organisations work together on long-term development projects (e.g. electrification of school or hospital buildings) and on emergency humanitarian actions. Legrand's involvement includes providing financial aid, equipment and expertise.

A long-term partnership

The first joint project by Electriciens Sans Frontières and Legrand dates back to late 2006, on a dairy electrification project in Cameroon, conducted with the Group's French subsidiary. In 2007, this cooperation was formalised in a partnership agreement, which has been renewed every year and today applies to the entire Legrand Group. Meanwhile the modes of action have grown in number and range, and Legrand's employees are becoming increasingly involved in both a voluntary and a professional capacity, supporting development projects worldwide, each according to their own abilities. The aim of Legrand and Electriciens Sans Frontières is to continue strengthening their partnership.

Since 2007, the joint projects conducted by Legrand and Electriciens Sans Frontières have brought access to electricity to approximately 780,000 people in over 20 countries.

Worldwide electrification projects

The development projects conducted with Electriciens Sans Frontières are essentially focused on electrification. They involve providing electricity and installation safety in schools, as well as in dispensaries or hospitals, to ensure the safety of surgical procedures or enable refrigerated vaccine and medication storage. Last but not least, they sometimes involve the electrification of entire villages, to improve the daily lives of families through lasting autonomous access to electricity using renewable energy sources.

These projects consist of, for example, installing and wiring solar power systems (panels, regulator, uninterruptible power supply, storage batteries) to produce the energy required, or carrying out indoor electrical installations (classrooms, canteens, village community halls, housing of teaching staff, dispensaries, etc.).


African children in school

Legrand is committed to the "Electricity for health and education in Africa" program, aimed at funding electrification projects for schools and dispensaries in Burkina Faso, Togo and Madagascar. Some twenty initiatives have already been launched to support this program, particularly sales promotions and voluntary fund-raising actions.

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Action ESF in Laos

Legrand is involved in the "Green energy for 24 villages in the Phongsaly province" project, a vast electrification campaign to enable populations to access a minimum amount of electricity using picoturbines. Legrand's role includes providing financial aid, donating equipment, and providing support for an autonomous roll-out of the installations.

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Support for emergency humanitarian aid

Legrand is also active in emergency assistance to displaced populations following natural disasters or conflicts. This may involve, for example, supplying equipment or providing financial aid to bring lighting and security to shelter camps and health centres, or installing drinking water treatment and pumping plants.



Action ESF in Somalia

In 2012, Legrand Dubai provided logistical support for the electrification of the Safianta refugee camp, in Mogadishu. As direct intervention was not possible, Electriciens Sans Frontières trained members of the WAHA and Red Crescent organisations in Dubai, using resources provided by Legrand.

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Solar lights in Haïti

In 2011, Legrand's teams got behind the "1000 solar lights" program for a refugee camp in Haiti, raising funds within the company and among actors in the company's economic chain.

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Sharing know-how

Legrand's support also involves the Group's staff who offer their personal or professional skills, either directly in the field or through training or technical support.

 We are collaborating more and more frequently with Legrand on the technical aspects of our projects. We draw on the expertise of their employees who are familiar with the equipment and facilities. The advantage is that they perfectly master all systems worldwide. So when the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, we were able, thanks to the help of the Legrand team in Martinique, to respond to the request from the Haitian government in record time and propose appropriate layout diagrams to reconstruct earthquake-resistant schools. Without the mobilisation and responsiveness of the Legrand teams, we could never have satisfied this request. 

Partnership manager at Electriciens Sans Frontières and Regional Delegate for Auvergne Limousin

Electricity for All

Electricity for All

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Taking action against energy poverty

Taking action against energy poverty

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Providing access to electricity

Providing access to electricity

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