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Breaking & protection devices

A circuit breaker is both a circuit-breaking device that can make, withstand and break currents whose intensity is at most equal to its rated current (In), and a protection device that can automatically break overcurrents which generally occur following faults in installations. The choice of a circuit breaker and its characteristics depends on the size of the installation.


Dmx3 air circuit-breakers up to 4000 A

circuit breakers


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Air circuit breakers get their name from the fact that their breaking chambers are in the open air to allow better energy dissipation. Their electrical and mechanical strength, breaking capacity, maintainability and optional accessories make them ideal for protection and control at the supply end of low voltage installations.

Protection unit inserted in DMX³

DMX3 have digital protection units that enable very precise setting of the protection conditions while maintaining total discrimination with the upstream devices: the MP6 protection unit has additional functions and the MP4 standard electronic protection unit.


DPX moulded case circuit-breakers up to 1600 A

Gamme DPX

DPX “moulded case circuit breakers” offer optimum solutions for the protection requirements of commercial and industrial installations. DPX are available in thermal magnetic and electronic versions with nominal currents from 16 to 1600 A and breaking capacities from 16 to 70 kA. The main characteristics of DPX circuit breakers are their optimised dimensions, their ease of installation, use and accessorisation, and their undisputed reliability.


Residual current devices


DPX 125 associated with a residual
current add-on module

Like for DMX3,  the DPX circuit-breakers can be equiped with residual current add-on module


Bloc différenciel

Residual current add-on module for DPX 630

Remote control


Remote control for DPX 1600 A

DPX circuit-breakers can be controlled remotely through remote control devices.


Remote control through supervision


Through the communication option, DPX and DMX3 circuit breakers can be incorporated into a monitoring system to optimize the performance of an electrical installation, monitoring its status, by measuring the electrical and controlling the remote devices.

Moniteur supervision

Une intégration dans votre supervision : les produits de supervision Legrand s’intègrent à tous les logiciels de GTB (Gestion Technique du Bâtiment) du marché.

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DMX3 Air circuit-breakers

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