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A willingness to meet and discuss, and for
transparency of information

To ensure transparency and discussion, Legrand has undertaken to submit the Group's progress in terms of CSR to external analysis. The internal management tools are gradually getting closer to the international standards and reference systems of the various rating agencies. The communication tools are changing to meet the requirements of all the stakeholders.
In order to ensure reliability of data, the reporting process, associated references and a selection of data are reviewed according to an agreed procedure by the Group’s statutory auditors and are certified as having obtained a moderate level of assurance.
The performance of the Group's CSR strategy has been recognised by its inclusion in several international indexes that are accepted authorities on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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François Poisson francois.poisson@legrand.fr

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2014-2018 ROad map

This means that the 2014-2018 roadmap specifies the 21 priorities that the Group has set for itself for the period. Each priority is accompanied by indicators used to track the Group's CSR performance. Legrand undertakes to communicate annually about this performance by publishing a chart of these indicator values.

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The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee

CSR GOvernance

The Sustainable Development Department, which reports to the Strategy and Development Department, is responsible for steering Legrand's CSR strategy. Its mission is to direct the process, monitor its application, provide its expertise in the context of projects and be involved in raising awareness internally and externally. To achieve this, it works with the Group's management departments (Strategy and Development, Human Resources, finance, legal, purchasing, Group internal communication and external relations department, logistics, countries etc.) and SBUs (Strategic Business Units). The Steering Committee meets three times a year to monitor the process and validate the strategic guidelines. It is chaired by the Chairman and CEO and led by the Group Vice-President Sustainable Development and Strategic Processes.

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Legrand Foundation

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Document de reference 2015

Registration document 2015

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Legrand's responsibility

Our responsibility

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CSR resource center

CSR resource center

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Rapport annuel et document de référence

Press Room

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The Legrand social networks

Legrand and the social networks

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