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Continuity of service is ensured through the combination of several elements. Limiting power supply interruptions, performing hot interventions when possible and reducing intervention times.

Source inversion

Protecting your installation against power cuts

The major factor in continuity of service is the non-interruption of the power supply. DMX³ and DPX source inverters will switch over to a backup source in the event of a failure on the main system. Motorized commands and a dedicated control box ensure that this operation is fully automatic.


Automatic source inversion

inversion de source automatique

The automated communications system regulates and manages the operation of the source inverter in an installation. The system also transmits data on the state of circuit breakers and all measurements made on the circuits.


Control your installation remotely.

Capture logiciel de supervision

To prevent and react as quickly as possible, the installation parameters must be monitored. The power monitoring system proposed by Legrand is designed to enable real-time monitoring of equipment and to read all measurements locally or remotely. It also enables remote control of equipment, enabling fast return to service. It is based on a network using the modbus/jbus RS 485 protocol, largely preferred for its simplicity and robustness.

Piloter à distance

Rapidly replace defective equipment

To reduce intervention times both on the general low voltage panel and in secondary panels, Legrand provides efficient solutions. Plug-in or draw-out DPX power circuit breakers can be replaced in under 5 minutes. It takes even less time to replace a modular circuit breaker, whether the power is supplied through auto-connecting combs or via an xl-part row splitter with plug-in bases.


Return a circuit to service

Return a circuit to service remotely

When power is automatically cut off, normal service must be resumed as quickly as possible. Legrand motorized commands enable you to shut off equipment remotely, using push buttons or a monitoring system.

Work safely
on cabinets
with live voltage

Work safely on cabinets with live voltage

C-shape isolating profiles for bars and the terminal covers of the xl-part system ensure that interventions can be done safely with live voltage.

Reduce power cut
times during

Reduce power cut times during interventions

The identification labels offered by the fast connection installation system mean fewer risks of error and reduced intervention times.

Stop and GO


STOP&GO verifies automatically the state of the installation before resetting and launches a visual and audible alarm signal in case of permanent fault detection (short-circuit or residual current). After verifying the state of the installation, STOP&GO automatic resets the associated protection device in order to immediatly re-establish power supply and avoid unwanted consequences.

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