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Increasingly sophisticated devices sensitive to disturbances are invading our buildings, making it essential to maintain an uninterrupted power supply. The new range of Legrand inverters meet modularity, redundancy, scalability and communication installation needs, regardless of the environment.

La continuité de service dans sa maison

Keor multiplugKeor multiplug

For use with small scale home equipment (television, computer, box, switch, games console...), in a hotel or store (small network, CCTV...) or a commercial building (computer, sale point terminal, modem, telephones...)


NikyPrésentation de deux armoires et d'un coffret

For workstations, security systems, CCTV, POS terminals, domestic applications...

WHY INSTALL A UPS AT HOME? Présentation d'un onduleur dans une pièce

UPSs protect sensitive devices (TVs, home cinemas, telephones, computers, printers...) against interference from the mains, and, in the event of an interruption on the power grid, can maintain the power supply to devices connected through the built-in battery, within the limits of the specified autonomy.


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