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Adaptability and flexibility spell performance

"Where can I connect?" has become the question that everyone asks. Access to digital networks has become as essential as electrical power. Nomadic work practices and the constant pursuit of optimized productivity are influencing the design of office buildings. An adaptable and flexible technical infrastructure is needed to integrate electrical equipment and communication networks just where you want them.


Wireless access point

Wireless access point Celiane

Wireless access points can be installed in any location where unrestricted access to the computer network is required. They can be fitted just like RJ 45 sockets and on any support. Stability of performance and the durability of products are guaranteed.

Wireless access point Mosaic

To offer computer users a permanent connection 
and offer occasional users a wireless connection.

Wireless connection

Wireless access points
can be fitted on any support...
like RJ45 sockets


Mobile wireless terminal

Meeting room multi-outlet unit

The wireless network can also be accessed via meeting room blocks which, alongside the integrated wireless access point, enable the user to connect their equipment (computer, projector, etc.) to a power source.

Meeting room multi-outlet unit

Design, aesthetics and ergonomic features within easy reach:
meeting room power strips offering eight 2P+E sockets
and a wireless access point providing permanent access to the network


LAN network with RJ45

LAN network with RJ45 Mosaic

Providing a digital connection also means being able to connect to the Ethernet network simply using an RJ45 plug. This universal connection is proposed by Legrand on all its wiring device ranges, from the most basic to the most sophisticated and luxurious.

RJ45 socket

Extendable cord socket

Extendable cord socket

The network on hand with an extendable cord.

Restricted access RJ45 socket

Restricted access RJ45 socket

Restrict access only to those you want to by locking the RJ45 socket.

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