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Whatever the project and its requirements,
legrand has end-to-end system solutions for power and data cable management


Legrand’s floor, overhead and perimeter cable management systems are engineered to make it easy to get power delivered where users need it. Quick and safe to install, these solutions are designed to optimize cost-effectiveness.


Complete floor solutions

Video Soluflex

The Soluflex floor system offers a series of key advantages: reduced installation times, flexibility of use and instant reconfigurability.


Flush floor system. A simple and effective system that integrates into concrete flooring to make maintenance and floor box reconfiguration operations easy.


Screed floor system. Designed to carry heavy loads, this PVC or metal trunking is sunk directly into the floor screed.


Complete overhead solutions

Metal and wire mesh cable trays. With Cablofil, Van Geel - Legrand, Wiremold and Swifts, Legrand offers a vast array of cable management solutions spanning the full range of applications: plain or perforated cable trays and wire mesh trays. The range of available finishes means they can be used in any environment.

Metal and wire mesh cable trays

The plain or perforated metal cable trays provide full protection for cables against ambient aggressions (dust etc.).

Perforated metal cable trays

Cable ladders. The ideal solution specially geared to heavy-weight and very heavy loads.

Cablofil video

The Cablofil cable routing system provides simple and efficient cable routing and management. Rapidity, ease of implementation and scalability are the major advantages of this solution.


Complete perimeter solutions

Mosaic video

For power distribution and connection, PVC, steel or aluminium trunking offers installations the greatest flexibility and scalability. Wiring device ranges such as Mosaic or Arteor can be seamlessly integrated.

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