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Nominating and Governance Committee

Reviews the composition of the Board of Directors and of its specialized Committees and submits proposals to the Board of Directors. The Committee also periodically assesses the operation of the Board, the development in rules of corporate governance and plans for replacement of corporate officers. The Nominating and Governance Committee should not include any executive directors.

The Committee has three members:
> Angeles Garcia-Poveda - Chairwoman
> Olivier Bazil
> Thierry de la Tour d’Artaise

Compensation Committee

Assesses all forms of compensation of executive directors. The Committee also ensures the Company’s fulfillment of obligations relating to the transparency of compensation. The Compensation Committee should ​not include any executive directors.

The Committee has three members:
> Angeles Garcia-Poveda - Chairwoman
> Annalisa Loustau Elia
> Eliane Rouyer-Chevalier

Strategy and Social Responsability Committee

Helps the Board of Directors define major strategic guidelines for the Group.

The Committee has four members:
> Christel Bories - Chairwoman
> Olivier Bazil
> Isabelle Boccon-Gibod
> Angeles Garcia-Poveda
> Gilles Schnepp

Audit Committee

Assists the Board of Directors in the conduct of its mission as regards the adoption of annual Company’s and consolidated financial statements and the preparation of information for shareholders and the market. The Committee monitors the efficiency of internal controls and risk management. It is also charged with monitoring issues relating to the establishment and control of accounting and financial information, as well as legally required verification of accounts.
Members of the Audit Committee may not be executive directors or managers holding salaried positions with the Company or any of its subsidiaries.
Members of the Audit Committee should be competent in finance or accounting

The Committee has three members:
> Eliane Rouyer-Chevalier - Chairwoman
> Isabelle Boccon-Gibod
> Christel Bories


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