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Assistance with independent living

Assistance with independent living:
a sustainable development priority
for Legrand

To live a safe, happy life in your own home, isn't that what everyone wants? Wellbeing throughout one's life is a right. Legrand is providing innovative solutions to ensure we don't lose this with the first signs of age. This involves promoting support in the home and providing assistance for those supporting the elderly.


Increasing numbers of elderly people

As a result of improvements in living environments, advances in medicine, healthier lifestyles, etc. life expectancy is increasing by a year approximately every five years. According to demographic studies, France will have 14 million people over the age of 60 in 2010 and 17 million in 2020 . In 2050, according to the INSEE (French national institute of statistical and economic information), close to one in three people will be over 60 years of age . Europe-wide, almost 10% of the population will be more than 80 years of age in 2040.

A growing number of the elderly want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. A desire that is explained in part by the fact that 74% of retired people own their own homes. So it is easy to understand that they are attached to their homes and want to stay in them.

Pictograms of risks
in the home

The home: increasing safety for the elderly

As we get older, problems appear (with movement, orientation, memory and vision). Instead of being a "safe haven" our homes can become a much less safe environment. Every year more than two million people over the age of 65 suffer falls, at home in 80% of cases, in particular in their bathrooms. There are also risks of injury and death from gas poisoning and accidents caused by fire, though to a lesser extent.

A home that is equipped from the outset with intelligent solutions will help a person who has lost their independence, guiding their movement, making everyday actions easier and thus increasing their feeling of safety and that of their friends and family. The home, contributing to the prevention of risks, thus helps the person so that they do not feel diminished. As well as being a place of comfort, the home is now also a place of "safety".

the legrand approach:
making it natural to continue living in your
own home, with a better quality of life for longer

Legrand supports people and compensates for their loss of independence with non-intrusive comfort solutions that can gradually develop into assistance and home support solutions. Objective: to operate in a preventive fashion to avoid incidents or accidents by adapting the home and the building and making them safe.


Preventing falls and
risks in the home

Preventing falls

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