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Legrand solutions for preventing falls


Legrand solutions are easy to integrate with no need for any major work in the lighting installation

Lighting areas where accidents may occur:

Creating illuminated routes with switches, skirting pilot lights and lighting triggered by automatic switches (presence detection).

Providing easier access to lighting controls:

Switches and sockets with illuminated rings, clearer identification by contrasting plates and cover plates.

Limiting unnecessary movement:

Creating living scenarios (getting up at night, going out, etc.) with scenario switches and centralised controls.

Automatic switch

Automatic switch
Automatic switching on/off of lights

Illuminated controls

Illuminated controls
Identification of control points

Pilot light switches

Pilot light switches
Guiding people intuitively


Legrand solutions for preventing hazards in the home

Preventing hazards
in the home

Legrand solutions are easy to integrate with no need for any major work in the installation

Detecting leaks:

Butane/propane gas, smoke or flood detectors.

Alerting people:

Audible or illuminated alarm and triggering of an external call via technical alarms.

Limiting the consequences of an incident:

Gas or water inlet shut off by solenoid valve, blinds opened and lights switched on in the rooms to make it easier to get out of the building.

Avoiding extreme temperatures:

Temperature sensors to detect unusual temperature variations (heatwave, very cold period), programmable thermostat for weekly programming, central control unit to feed back temperature information, initiate an audible or illuminated alarm and trigger an external call.

Gas detector

Gas detector

smoke detector

Smoke detector

captionFlood detector

Flood detector
Identification of leaks

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostat

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor
Detection of unusual temperature variations

Central control unit

Central control unit
Display of the temperature


Legrand solutions for disability

Legrand solutions for disability are identical to those developed to enable the elderly to continue living in their own homes. They make up for the impairments caused by the disability: problems with movement, disorientation, memory or visual problems. The only differences may be the extent of the solutions offered and the interfaces used. This is particularly the case with the installation of teletheses.

Memory problems

Memory problems

Assistance with everyday tasks
Detection functions

Visual problems

Visual disability

Assistance with finding one's way around
Identification functions and visual contrasts


Problems with movement

Movement problems

Assistance with simple movements
Centralisation or remote control functions


Control, remote controls, teletheses, easy to use socket, automatic switching on/off of lights, touch-sensitive switches.

control products

Orientation problems

Orientation problems

Making information clear
Indicator functions


Automatic switching on/off of lights, illuminated controls, switches and pilot indicator lights.

Indicator products

Specialist environments (retirement homes, residential homes for the elderly, etc.)

The requirements for these are identical to those for the home:
it is important above all to make the environment safe.

There are several means of achieving this:

  • Presence detection
  • Controlling the lighting in passageways, dark areas, bedrooms, toilets, etc.
  • Controlling the roller blinds, lighting and heating, either individually from the patient's own room, or by area (floor) or centrally from the reception or monitoring unit.

Legrand solutions are used in many different establishments, convinced of the benefits in terms of:


Control of the lighting level

  • Room lighting and reading light in the trunking strip, using a hand-held remote control unit
  • Control of the roller blinds



Nurse call system

  • Takes calls from patients, from bathrooms, link with the nurses' station
  • Possibility of local interphone function within a department

Antimicrobial wiring accessories

  • Mosaic programme
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