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Helping people to be independent also involves designing and improving the ergonomics of products

1 - Lever switch for easy operation
2 - Roller blind switch
3 - Easy to use socket for effortless removal of plugs

Simplification of the ergonomics of products

Legrand solutions are designed according to the principales of "Design for all" so that everyone is provided with easy-to-use products, irrespective of any impairment they may have. At Legrand we are continuously redesigning and simplifying how controls (switches, roller blind controls, sockets, etc.) can be held and operated, to ensure everyone has access to solutions that are appropriate for their needs or disabilities.

Easy to use to use design

Forward-looking work carried out in collaboration with the Sismo agency.
Consideration of the cognitive and physical ergonomics of interfaces.


Creation of visual contrasts

With the wide range of finishes in the Céliane range of wiring accessories, for example, visual contrasts can be created between the wall, the plate and the control.

Assistance à l'autonomie

Assisted Living

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Le design chez Legrand

Design at Legrand

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