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design for a global lifestyle

Arteor functions can be customized. Why have you provided this choice? Nowadays there is a real convergence of technologies, together with a high requirement for customization. Today’s objects of value are often by nature not definitive, in the sense of adaptability: from the computer to the mobile telephone or the car, all are intended to adapt exactly to the needs of each person. ArteorTM functions can be customized because users create their own living scenarios to be adjusted according to their preferences: cinema ambience or an evening with friends, subdued lighting with automatic curtain closing and adjustment of the thermostat… Imagination is the only limit.


A rich choice of finishes

Brushed metal, wood, leather or mirror finishes

Brushed metal, wood, leather or mirror finishes (and more).
Arteor offers over 17 different finishes for all your decorative ambiences.

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Présence Mondiale

India, China, Australia, Middle-East... Arteor demonstrates its international vocation by the extent of its presence in major countries of the world.

graphic user interfaces

Touch screen 10" and 3,5"

The Arteor™ range offers a wide choice of graphic user interfaces speaking the same “icon language” as modern electronic consumer devices. These clearly designed icons allow the user to browse the different functions of the Home Automation system intuitively.



A wide range of switch

A wide range of switches allow you to find the best solution with traditional or digital technology.