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02/08/2018 06:45

2017 achievements and change in governance

2017 achievements

Double-digit growth in main indicators
Sales: +10.0% 
Adjusted operating profit: +12.9%
Net profit attributable to the Group: +13.2% 
Normalized free cash flow: +17.8%

2017 targets fully met
Organic growth in sales: +3.1%, against initial target of 0% to +3%
Adjusted operating margin before acquisitions: 20.1%, against initial target of 19.3% to 20.1%
Achievement rate of CSR roadmap: 122%

Enhancing investments for the future
Increased investment in new products: +11%
Enhanced offering of Eliot products: over 30 connected product families at year-end 2017
Strengthened Group positions: 6 external growth operations

Milestone: performance and potential fully confirmed

Change in governance

From February 8, 2018
Separation, on a long-term basis, of the offices of Chairman and of Chief Executive Officer:
Gilles Schnepp Chairman of the Board of Directors
Benoît Coquart Chief Executive Officer

As of January 1, 2019
Antoine Burel Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Operations
Franck Lemery Chief Financial Officer


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