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06/20/2014 10:11

Irlynx, in partnership with Legrand and TASDA, wins the first Worldwide Innovation Challenge

irlynx, a French start-up company founded in 2012, was a prize-winner at the first Worldwide Innovation Challenge* for its ‘Catharsis’ project, which is being implemented in partnership with Legrand and with the TASDA** association. The project aims to provide ‘active vigilance’ alarm sensors designed to make everyday life safer for elderly people, persons living alone, and people with health problems. The idea is to harness the most advanced technologies in order to make it easier to remain living in one’s own home for as long as possible.

Legrand has become the number 2 in Europe on the very promising market for assisted living solutions. This market is boosted both by growing demand among seniors, most of whom share an aspiration to stay living at home independently, and by government bodies sensitive to the economic dimension of this issue at a time of strong demographic increase in the senior age brackets.



* The Worldwide Innovation Challenge is designed to help entrepreneurs turn their  ideas into reality by providing sustained long-term support at each stage of developpement.



** TASDA (Technopôle Alpes Santé à Domicile et Autonomie) is an association for supporting the development and dissemination of user need focused technologies.




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