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02/13/2014 07:30

2013 annual results

2013 targets fully achieved - Net income and net margin at record high
Organic growth in sales: +0.5% (compared with target of -1%/+1%)
Adjusted operating margin before acquisitions: 20.1% (compared with target of 19.5%/20.0%)
Record-high net income: €531 million, up nearly +5%; record-high net margin: 11.9%
Proposed dividend: €1.05 per share; up +5.0%

Expansion of group positions
6 acquisitions announced in the past 12 months
57% of group sales in the United States/Canada and in new economies in 2013
26% of group sales in new business segments in 2013
Many initiatives in new, complementary distribution channels

On the closing of full-year accounts for 2013, Gilles Schnepp, Legrand Chairman and CEO commented on group results, development and targets...

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