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11/12/2013 17:00

Typhoon Haiyan emergency.

On Friday of last week, the central Philippines were devastated by typhoon Haiyan, which left more than 10 000 killed or disappeared. As a result, several hundred thousand people are currently without shelter and in acute need of humanitarian aid. Fortunately, the staff of Legrand’s subsidiary in the Philippines are all unharmed.

NGO Electriciens sans frontières (ESF) sent a team on site yesterday, tasked with assessing the electricity needs of other humanitarian organisations so as to help them accomplish their emergency work, while also directly assisting disaster victims by providing lighting for emergency camps.

Further volunteers are getting ready to join this task force within the next few days to help set up the necessary power generation devices.

In this context, Legrand is providing electrical material to the ESF teams on site as part of the partnership agreement existing between Legrand and ESF since 2007.

Electriciens sans frontières needs the widest possible support to take quick and effective action on behalf of disaster victims, and every donation is decisive for relief to be provided to the philippine population. If you wish to make a donation, click here http://www.electriciens-sans-frontieres.org/fr/



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