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06/14/2013 17:00

Legrand elected to chair the PEP (Product Environmental Profile) association

Legrand is a founding member of the PEP* association which was set up in 2010, and has now taken over its chairmanship, with Jean-Michel Rossignol, Legrand's Group Environment Manager, being elected to this position at the organization's annual general meeting in May.

The availability of a Product Environmental Profile is one of 7 levers Legrand has identified for the design and development of products with high environmental performance. Legrand makes a point of releasing precise information on the environmental impact of its products at every stage of their life cycle (i.e. manufacture, distribution, installation, use and disposal). The Group is also committed to promoting the use of PEPs throughout the electrical industry.

* The PEP association aims to boost the international development of the PEP ecopassport programme for environmental declarations in line with ISO 14025, to enable the measurement and disclosure of the environmental impact of electrical, electronic and HVAC equipment.


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