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03/27/2013 18:00

International Design Biennial 2013 in St Etienne

On the occasion of the International Design Biennial in Saint Etienne, Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, has unveiled a new exploratory research project led by the Group's Art and Design teams on control by gesture recognition.

Its aim is to illustrate the possibility of imagining new forms of control complementary with more conventional switches or touch screens. An interactive animation enables visitors to experience the actual effects of their gestures on the controls of a house. By a simple hand movement, for instance, they can raise a roller shutter, make the lights come on or activate a wind turbine… Functions that obey your slightest move!

This prospective line of research fits perfectly with Legrand's innovation strategy. The idea at this stage is to test the level of awareness and acceptance enjoyed by a technology which has until now been used almost exclusively in the video game industry.

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