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 Acquisitions are at the heart of Legrand’s growth. 

Loïc Roux
Executive VP, Corporate Development

  • 156

    companies acquired since 1954

  • 50

    acquisitions announced since year-end 2004

  • Over

    1.6 bn

    in annual acquired sales since 2004

  • of which over


    in new business segments

  • and nearly


    in new economies

Main recent acquisitions

Legrand has announced 15 acquisitions since January 2014.

Solarfective, a Canadian specialist in natural light control for residential buildings.

CP Electronics, the UK leader in energy-efficient lighting control.

Trias(1), an Indonesian specialist in cable management and distribution cabinets.

Jontek, a UK specialist in solutions for monitoring assisted-living platforms.

Luxul Wireless, the US leader in audio/video infrastructure products (wireless routers, access points and switches) for residential buildings and small- to mid-size commercial buildings.

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting, Pinnacle Architecture Lighting, one of the US leaders in architectural lighting solutions for non-residential buildings.

Fluxpower in Germany and Primetech in Italy, both specialists in uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

QMotion, a specialist in natural light control for residential buildings in the United States.

Raritan, Inc., a frontrunner in intelligent PDUs and KVM switches in the US.

IME, leading Italian and Europeen specialist in measuring electrical installation parameters

Valrack, Indian specialist in racks, Voice-Data-Image cabinets and related products for data centers

SJ Manufacturing, a Singaporean frontrunner in racks, Voice-Data-Image cabinets and related products for data centers

Neat(1), Spain's leader in assisted living systems and a major player Europe-wide in this market

Lastar Inc, a frontrunner in pre-terminated solutions for Voice-Data-Image (VDI) and audio-video (A/V) networks in the United States

(1) joint-venture

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Acquisitions – one of Legrand’s two growth engines, alongside innovation

At Legrand, external growth is used to continuously develop market share and fuel growth. Legrand aims for self-financed acquisitions of targeted small and mid-size companies with leading positions or proven technological expertise. Over time Legrand has developed an expertise in the acquisition process, and the Group aims to pursue this strategy in the long term.

Targeted, self-financed acquisitions

Legrand aims for self-financed acquisitions of targeted small and mid-size companies in areas offering a very good fit with its own business. Candidates typically hold leading positions or have specialized technological expertise in growing markets.


Raritan Inc, USA

In 2015, Legrand continued to strengthen its positions in digital infrastructures by acquiring Raritan Inc, a North American frontrunner in intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) and KVM switches, which enable users to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, video and mouse console. Raritan’s solutions round out Legrand’s offering in digital infrastructures, a promising market given the increased data flows in buildings.

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IME, Italy

In 2015 Legrand continued to expand in the highly promising energy efficiency market by acquiring IME, a leading Italian contender and a European specialist in measuring electrical installation parameters.


QMotion, USA

In 2015 Legrand continued to reinforce its positions in the United States by acquiring QMotion, a specialist in natural light control for residential buildings. QMotion’s solutions enable Legrand to have an offer for both artificial and natural lighting control.

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Expertise—and experience

At Legrand, growth has historically been fueled by innovation—and the steady stream of new, high value-added product launches—and acquisitions. Since 1954 we have bought 156 companies both in our core businesses, in complementary segments and in the most promising technological areas. And since year-end 2004, we have made 50 acquisitions, representing annual acquired sales of over €1.6 billion, with over 60% of that total in new business segments.

Seizing opportunities

Legrand teams are constantly on the lookout for new acquisitions, and use their in-depth knowledge of local players to identify likely candidates in a fragmented market. This is one key to the success of our acquisition policy: staying so closely in touch with the market makes it easier to locate and assess investment opportunities. The same contacts make the acquisition process go more smoothly, and facilitate the docking process once a deal has been completed.
In addition, a dedicated Corporate Development unit oversees all acquisitions, stepping in as necessary to coordinate action by our various teams during the acquisition process.

An organized "docking" process

Legrand has set up a precise, step-by-step process for integrating new acquisitions. The aim is to bring newcomers into the Group smoothly, harnessing all possible synergies while enabling them to achieve their own full growth potential.


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