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 Acquisitions are at the heart of our strategy."

Benoît Coquart
Executive VP,
Strategy & Development

  • Over


    companies acquired since 1954

  • 41

    acquisitions announced since year-end 2004

  • over

    1.4 bn

    in annual acquired sales

  • 40 %

    in new economies

  • and over

    60 %

    in new business segments

Main recent acquisitions

Legrand has announced 10 acquisitions since January 2013.

Raritan, Inc., a frontrunner in intelligent PDUs and KVM switches in the US.

IME, leading Italian and Europeen specialist in measuring electrical installation parameters

Valrack, Indian specialist in racks, Voice-Data-Image cabinets and related products for data centers

SJ Manufacturing, a Singaporean frontrunner in racks, Voice-Data-Image cabinets and related products for data centers

Neat(1), Spain's leader in assisted living systems and a major player Europe-wide in this market

Lastar Inc, a frontrunner in pre-terminated solutions for Voice-Data-Image (VDI) and audio-video (A/V) networks in the United States

Tynetec, a UK leader in electrical systems dedicated to assisted living

Adlec Power(1), one of the main Indian producers of distribution boards

S2S Onduleurs, a French specialist in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Seico, the Saudi leader in industrial metal cable trays

(1) joint-venture

Legrand history

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Acquisitions—one of Legrand's two growth engines, alongside innovation

Legrand strengthens its positions in promising markets such as new economies and new business segments in particular by acquiring companies with leading positions or proven technological expertise.

Targeted, self-financed acquisitions

Legrand aims for self-financed acquisitions of targeted small and mid-size companies in areas offering a very good fit with its own business. Candidates typically hold leading positions and have specialized technological expertise in growing markets.

Lastar inc.

Lastar Inc. : continued expansion in the us market and in digital infrastructures

The acquisition of Lastar, Inc., a key supplier for pre-terminated solutions for voice-data-image (VDI) and audio-video (A/V) networks to US distributors specialized in VDI and IT and those present on the web, allows Legrand to step up its growth in digital infrastructures, particularly in VDI and A/V markets, but also in growing verticals such as data centers.

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Reach Plus alarme domestique

Reach Plus at-home alarm unit

Terminal Neo pour soins à distance

Neo terminal for home telecare

Assisted living: legrand no.2 in Europe

Legrand—a frontrunner in the "silver economy" and already France's leader in electrical systems for assisted living following its acquisition of Intervox—continued to strengthen its positions by acquiring Tynetec, the UK's second largest contender in the field, followed by a joint venture agreement with Neat, Spain's leader in assisted living systems. Legrand is no. 2 in Europe in the promising assisted living segment.

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Lastar inc.

SJ Manufacturing: Legrand strengthens its positions in digital infrastructures for data centers

In 2014, Legrand continued to expand in digital infrastructures for buildings with the purchase of Singapore's SJ Manufacturing a frontrunner in racks, Voice-Data-Image cabinets and related products for data centers.

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Expertise—and experience

At Legrand, growth has traditionally been fueled by innovation and the steady stream of new, high value-added product launches this brings, plus acquisitions. We have bought over 140 companies since 1954, in both our core businesses and in complementary segments. Since year-end 2004, we have made 41 acquisitions, representing annual acquired sales of over €1.4 billion of which 40% in new economies, and over 60% in new business segments.

Seizing opportunities

Legrand teams are constantly on the lookout for new acquisitions, and use their in-depth knowledge of local players to identify likely candidates in a fragmented market. This is one key to the success of our acquisition policy: staying so closely in touch with the market makes it easier to locate and assess investment opportunities. The same contacts make the acquisition process go more smoothly, and facilitate the docking process once a deal has been completed.

In addition, a dedicated Corporate Development unit oversees all acquisitions, stepping in as necessary to coordinate action by our various teams during the acquisition process.

An organized "docking" process

Legrand has set a precise step by step process for docking new acquisitions. The aim is to bring newcomers into the Group smoothly, harnessing all possible synergies while enabling them to achieve their own full growth potential.