Legrand Legrand


  • 2016 sales:


  • 29%
    of 2016 sales

    came from the North and
    Central America region

  • 33%
    of 2016 sales
    came from

    new business segments(1)

  • Average achievement of CSR targets at year-end 2016(2):

    122 %


  • Present in over

    90 countries

  • Products sold in nearly

    180 countries

  • Nearly



  • Over


    product families

    New business segments include energy efficiency, digital infrastructures, assisted living and home systems.

    (2) CSR roadmap 2014-2018.

Legrand’s solid 2016 integrated performance demonstrated once again the Group’s capacity to create lasting value for all of its stakeholders.

Financial indicators


€ million

Adjusted operating profit*

€ million

*Operating profit adjusted for amortization of revaluation of intangible assets at the time of acquisitions and for expense/income relating to acquisitions, and, where applicable, for impairment of goodwill.

2016 net sales by region

Legrand Chiffre d'affaires 2016 par zone géographique

Net income excluding minority interests

€ million

*Adjusted for the favorable non-recurring accounting impact representing a €61.2 million tax income, coming from the announcement of reductions in the corporate income tax rates, mainly in France. This tax income is adjusted as it has no cash impact, and bears no relationship to the Group’s performance. The reported net income excluding minority interests is €628.5 million.

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Free cash flow

€ million


csr indicators

Progress on 2014-2018 CSR roadmap (achievement rates for 2016 targets)

Legrand Chiffre d'affaires 2016 par zone géographique

Environnemental data

% of sales representing products
with a PEP,
Product Environmental Profile


Beneficiaries of access to
electricity initiatives

Total number of people directly or indirectly affected by Electricians Without Borders projects backed by Legrand since 2007


Share of waste recovered

(in %)

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Frequency of workplace accidents

Number of accidents
x 1 000 000/number of hours worked


Stock market indicators

Dividend per share

in euros

*Subject to approval by shareholders at the General Meeting on May 31, 2017.

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Share ownership structure

at February 28, 2017

*Current and former senior and main managers, and employees.


The Legrand social networks

Legrand and the social networks

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Guide international


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Document de reference 2015

Registration document 2016

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Facts & Ficures

2016 facts and figures

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Message of, the CEO

Chairman’s message

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Espace Finance

Finance corner

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