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11/26/2014 07:00 Legrand Korea won commendation at "The Day of Products Safety'awards ceremony"

Mr. Yoonmoo Lee from the Quality control team in Legrand Korea won commendation from Prime Minister for his great accomplishment at "The Day of Products Safety's" awards ceremony on November the 6th.

This awards ceremony is a big annual event and organized byKorea Products Safety Association. The purpose of this ceremony is to award specific companies or persons who contribute to the improvement of products safety and total 42 companies and persons were selected as the prize winners this time though a strictly impartial judging.

Major achievement :
- Contribution to improve of technology
- Manufacture of product testing facilities
- Constants efforts for product safety

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11/17/2014 20:00 Sixth edition of Disability Week at Legrand, 17 to 21 November, 2014

Organised each year during France’s National Week in favour of Employment of People with Disabilities, Legrand’s ’Disability Week’ provides an opportunity to boost the visibility of the various awareness-raising and communication initiatives deployed for the benefit of the Group’s employees in this regard, while also enhancing their relevance.

This year, several events have been organised, including:

- stretching and spinal manipulation sessions led by blind and partially sighted third-year students at the IFMK physiotherapy training institute run by APSAH (Association for social promotion of the blind and people with other disabilities). In this context, a partnership was signed between Legrand and the APSAH-IFMK on Thursday 6 November at Innoval, Limoges, in order to ensure a lasting framework for the continuation and follow-up of initiatives jointly set up over the past four years now

- presentations by two associations, ‘Handicap évasion’ and ‘Limoges tandem club’

- the hosting of two disabled persons at Legrand’s Reception department as part of the ‘A job in a day’ programme

- a communication workshop presenting the ‘Mission Handicap’ initiative, the work of the Occupational health department, and an innovative software tool for greater digital accessibility.

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11/06/2014 07:30 Results for the first nine months of 2014

Organic growth in sales: +0.8%
Adjusted operating margin before acquisitions: 20.2% of sales

Steady compared with the first nine months of 2013

Gilles Schnepp, Chairman and CEO of Legrand, comments:
"Legrand sales in the first nine months were up +3.9% excluding the exchange-rate effect. The broader scope of consolidation resulting from acquisitions added +3.1%. Organic growth came to +0.8%, a change in line with the trend in Legrand's market over the same period.
Business trends held steady in mature markets with the pace of growth improving in the United States in particular. Sales in new economies rose nearly +3% during the first nine months of the year, reflecting the good increase in the first half that was driven by emerging regions as a whole, and differentiated business trends in the third quarter. In the third quarter alone, sales in China and Turkey thus grew more slowly than in the first half and business in Latin America and Russia showed a decline.
Including exchange-rate effects, the change in total sales was +0.2% for the first nine months and +3.3% for the third quarter alone...

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Social Responsability

10/30/2014 14:00 Legrand confirmed in the FTSE4Good and MSCI Global Sustainability indexes

During the evaluation of September 2014, Legrand has once again been ranked in the FTSE4Good* index, after its first inclusion in 2007. FTSE Group confirms that Legrand has been independently assessed according to the FTSE4Good criteria, and has satisfied the requirements to become a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index Series.This provides recognition of the importance which the Legrand Group attaches to growing its business in compliance with non-financial criteria of corporate social and environmental responsibility, thereby placing people and the environment at the centre of its strategy.

Legrand has been ranked in the MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes. The rating agency confirms that Legrand has implemented strong environmental management systems, and streamlines its eco-design guidelines through its product portfolio. This enables Legrand to create new opportunities in the field of clean technology. Legrand demonstrates strong management of labor relations,and continues to improve its key health and safety metrics.

Legrand is also part of 7 other Sustainability indexes: DJSI World, EURONEXT VIGEO EUROZONE 120, Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe and Excellence Euro, ECPI Ethical EMU Equity, STOXX Global ESG Leaders and EURO STOXX ESG Leaders 50. Legrand is also integrated to OEKOM Research notation and into ETHIBEL PIONEER and ETHIBEL EXCELLENCE registers.
* Created by the global index company FTSE Group, FTSE4Good is an equity index series that is designed to facilitate investment in companies that meet globally recognised corporate responsibility standards. Companies in the FTSE4Good Index Series have met stringent environmental, social and governance criteria, and are positioned to capitalise on the benefits of responsible business practice.

More information about FTSE Group
More information about MSCI Global Sustainability

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10/14/2014 16:00 Legrand official partner of the EuroSkills 2014

The 2014 EuroSkills competition recently gathered 450 young contestants from 25 European countries competing in 41 separate manual skills categories. As an official partner of this event, Legrand wishes to congratulate  Severin Holderegger from Switzerland on his first prize in the “electrical installation” category, which had contestants from 13 countries.
Legrand would also like to congratulate Julien Sellier from France who achieved a silver medal in the same category.

After the event, the fully equipped and operational workstations used during the competition will be handed over free of charge to vocational training establishments in the Northern France region where the competition took place.
Legrand has long been committed to promoting its professional sector and the related training initiatives.
Its support for EuroSkills forms part of a wider commitment resolutely demonstrated by the Group for over twenty years.

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Social Responsability

09/25/2014 11:00 Legrand included in the 2014 World Dow Jones Sustainabilty Index Stoxx (DJSI)

Following annual assessment in September 2014, Legrand was recently confirmed as part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World. This stock market indexes comprises companies which are leaders in the field of Sustainability. It is managed, since 1999, by Dow Jones in partnership with RobecoSAM.

Legrand's inclusion in the DJSI Stoxx illustrates the Group's high level of performance in social, societal, environmental and governance terms. Besides the DJSI Stoxx, Legrand is also part of 5 other Sustainability indexes: FTSE4 Good, EURONEXT VIGEO EUROZONE 120, Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe and Excellence Euro, ECPI Ethical EMU Equity. Legrand is also integrated to OEKOM Research notation and into ETHIBEL PIONEER and ETHIBEL EXCELLENCE registers.

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07/31/2014 07:30 2014 first-half results

Solid achievements in the first half of 2014:
Organic growth: +1.3% 
Adjusted operating margin: 20.4% of sales

2014 targets confirmed

Gilles Schnepp, Chairman and CEO of Legrand, comments:
“Solid achievements in the first half of 2014

Sales in the first half of 2014, excluding the exchange-rate effect, were up +3.9%, with the broader scope of consolidation that resulted from acquisitions contributing +2.6% to growth and organic growth contributing +1.3%, reflecting the trend observed over the past 12 months. 
New economies and many mature countries in Europe, notably in Southern Europe, reported a healthy organic rise over the first six months of the year.
Total sales including the exchange-rate effect were down -1.3%.

Adjusted operating margin as a percentage of sales improved, rising from 20.3% in the first half of 2013 to 20.6% excluding acquisitions in the first half of 2014 (20.4% including acquisitions). This robust operating performance reflects Legrand's will to pursue profitable, value-creative development underpinned by a large number of growth and productivity initiatives...

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07/29/2014 08:30 Amendment and extension of syndicated loan:

Maximum maturity extended to July 2021
Improved financing terms

Legrand has signed an agreement that amends and extends the syndicated loan finalized in October 2011 with all banks party to this contract. This agreement extends the maximum maturity of the €900 million revolving credit line by three years, i.e., up to July 2021, at improved financing terms compared with October 2011.

Moreover, Standard and Poor's confirmed Legrand's A- rating in June.

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06/24/2014 15:00 Legrand wins first prize in the Design category at "Futur en Seine".

 Legrand’s wiring device concept FLOCOON was awarded first prize for design at the "Futur en Seine" digital festival which took place from June 12th to 15th, 2014.

This event with worldwide outreach introduces the latest digital innovations from France and elsewhere to an audience of both professionals and end users.

The prize awarded to Legrand rewards its research aimed at offering users constantly enhanced comfort through intelligent, intuitive building management.

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06/20/2014 10:15 BTicino wins a ‘RED DOT AWARD’ for its bedhead trunking units

 BTicino was awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award 2014 in the ‘Life Science and Medecine’ category for its ‘Testaletto Slim’ bedhead units for healthcare establishments.


The prize is awarded by an international jury of 40 professionals who this year assessed over 4,800 projects in total, submitted from 53 countries across the world. It seeks to encourage the ‘pursuit of excellence’ in every aspect of design, through a combination of innovation, engineering, and quality.


Created by the Design Office at BTicino for bedrooms in healthcare establishments and retirement homes, Testaletto Slim combines an original design with features such as compactness, functional efficiency and user safety, all of which are essential for the comfort of both patients and care staff.


BTicino previously won Red Dot awards for its Living and Light ranges (1996), for its MY HOME automation system (2001), and for its Milan Concept Store (2011), as well as several other prestigious design awards. This new distinction singles it out as a company capable of providing innovative, high-technology solutions that successfully combine style and function.


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06/20/2014 10:11 Irlynx, in partnership with Legrand and TASDA, wins the first Worldwide Innovation Challenge

irlynx, a French start-up company founded in 2012, was a prize-winner at the first Worldwide Innovation Challenge* for its ‘Catharsis’ project, which is being implemented in partnership with Legrand and with the TASDA** association. The project aims to provide ‘active vigilance’ alarm sensors designed to make everyday life safer for elderly people, persons living alone, and people with health problems. The idea is to harness the most advanced technologies in order to make it easier to remain living in one’s own home for as long as possible.

Legrand has become the number 2 in Europe on the very promising market for assisted living solutions. This market is boosted both by growing demand among seniors, most of whom share an aspiration to stay living at home independently, and by government bodies sensitive to the economic dimension of this issue at a time of strong demographic increase in the senior age brackets.



* The Worldwide Innovation Challenge is designed to help entrepreneurs turn their  ideas into reality by providing sustained long-term support at each stage of developpement.



** TASDA (Technopôle Alpes Santé à Domicile et Autonomie) is an association for supporting the development and dissemination of user need focused technologies.



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06/20/2014 10:00 BTicino is awarded the ADI ‘Compasso d'Oro’ in the ‘Exhibition Design’ category

 BTicino was awarded the Compasso d'Oro (literally ‘Golden Compass’) for its ‘Slim and White Axolute Code’ installation in the ‘Exhibition Design’ category.


Organised by ADI (Industrial Design Association) every three years, these awards are attributed by an independent international jury. They reward projects shortlisted by the Permanent Design Observatory, with results being published in the ADI Design Index.


This year, BTicino also received a Mention of Honour in the ‘Packaging’ category for its pouches for Livinglight wallplates.


Having previously won an ADI Compasso d'Oro in 1989 for its Living range and another in 2001 for its MyHome integrated system, BTicino and the Legrand Group have thus once more been granted Italy’s most prestigious design award, this time for a communication initiative.

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06/12/2014 08:30 Legrand reveals a future concept at Futur en Seine » : Flocoon, gentle gestures for controlling your home

At « Futur en Seine », the 5th edition of the International Digital Festival, Legrand presents their newest visionary project, Flocoon. This family of conceptual products creates a new relationship between home controls and end users and offers a simple and intuitive experience through gentle gestures. The vision is perfectly aligned with the theme of the event, which this year is « Everything Connected». The prototype is presented at the Innovation Village at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris, from the 12th to the 15th of June.


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Social Responsability

05/28/2014 09:00 Legrand outlines its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach and unveils its new roadmap for 2014-2018

On the occasion of its Annual General Meeting, Legrand yesterday outlined its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, unveiling its new roadmap for 2014-2018.

At Legrand, which is already firmly committed to Sustainable Development, we are today taking a further decisive step forward by placing users and their requirements at the core of our commitment”, stated Gilles Schnepp, Legrand Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “In view of the new environmental, societal and technological challenges facing us, we consider it our responsibility, as a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, to enable the greatest possible number of people to have lasting access to electricity, all over the world. This is the very foundation of our Social Responsibility.

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05/22/2014 08:30 Legrand continues to expand in digital infrastructures for data centers with the purchase of SJ Manufacturing in Singapore

Legrand is pursuing its expansion in digital infrastructures for buildings and today announced the acquisition of SJ Manufacturing, a Singaporean frontrunner in racks, Voice-Data-Image cabinets and related products for data centers.

SJ Manufacturing has around 130 employees in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, and its annual sales total nearly €10 million.

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05/07/2014 07:30 2014 first-quarter results

Solid achievements in first quarter
2014 targets confirmed
Development of group positions

Gilles Schnepp, Chairman and CEO of Legrand, comments:

“Sales rose +4.8% in the first quarter of 2014 excluding the exchange-rate effect. The broader scope of consolidation linked to acquisitions made a +2.7% contribution to growth, and organic growth in sales was +2.0% in line with the group’s full-year target. New economies and the USA/Canada region turned in another robust performance and, at the same time, many other mature countries reported good showings. In particular, several countries in Europe benefited from favorable bases for comparison. The total change in sales was -0.8% given an exchange-rate effect of -5.3%..."


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04/11/2014 15:00 Legrand’s Finance Department again singled out for distinction, this time at the Finance Leaders Awards

The Finance Leaders Awards are an annual opportunity to highlight the most high-performing finance departments in French businesses. This year, Legrand was awarded the 2014 Jury’s special award in the ‘Industry’ category for its sustained performance.

In awarding this prize the jury wanted to single out the Group’s long-term track record, especially its profitable growth over the past decade.

In the words of Antoine Burel, the Group’s CFO: "This distinction is a reward for the various teams and professions that make up the Finance Department worldwide and their key supporting role in contributing to the positive development of the Group’s  performance. My congratulations go out to all of them."

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03/13/2014 08:00 Launch of the Legrand Foundation

Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, today announced the launch of the Legrand Foundation. This is the first foundation to be created under the aegis of Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE), a registered non-profit organisation, and is intended to combat exclusion related to a loss of independence and electricity poverty, while also promoting education and employment in the electrical sector.

The aim of the Legrand Foundation is to help those who are excluded or discriminated against, by using the Legrand Group’s know-how and solutions.

- Because Legrand is in the vanguard of assistance for independent living, the Foundation aims to help the elderly who wish to continue living at home, including the most underprivileged segment of the population.

- Because energy efficiency and safety are priorities for Legrand, the Foundation supports people facing electricity poverty.

- Because Legrand is a key player in the electrical industry, the Foundation provides support for those seeking training or access to employment in the electrical sector.

Commenting on the creation of the Foundation, Gilles Schnepp, Legrand Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Legrand Foundation, stated: “The Legrand Foundation represents an initiative that fits perfectly with our responsibility as a company. We wish to contribute to sustainably reducing energy inequality and to play a driving role for the electrical sector as a whole.”

To date, the Foundation is already committed to several initiatives, such as the ‘Growing old happily at home’ project, a pilot scheme intended to support social housing authorities in the field of loss of independence, or the ‘Impact’ programme, designed to support social entrepreneurs with innovative projects in the field of energy efficiency. 

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02/13/2014 15:00 Bénédicte Bahier included in the Top 100 "economic leaders of tomorrow"

Bénédicte Bahier, the Legrand Group’s Legal Affairs Vice President, has been included in the Top 100 senior executives ranking published by Institut Choiseul, an independent research centre dedicated to analysis of economic governance worldwide.

Published each year by Le Figaro Magazine, this ranking singles out "economic leaders of tomorrow", who are all under 40.

Bénédicte Bahier is a graduate of ESSEC and a qualified lawyer. She began her career in 2002 as a business lawyer with Linklaters, before joining Legrand in 2007 as corporate and governance legal expert. She later held the positions of Risk Manager, then Head of the Legal Department, before being appointed Group VP Legal Affairs in 2012. Bénédicte Bahier has been a member of Legrand’s Executive Committe since 2013.

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02/13/2014 07:30 2013 annual results

2013 targets fully achieved - Net income and net margin at record high
Organic growth in sales: +0.5% (compared with target of -1%/+1%)
Adjusted operating margin before acquisitions: 20.1% (compared with target of 19.5%/20.0%)
Record-high net income: €531 million, up nearly +5%; record-high net margin: 11.9%
Proposed dividend: €1.05 per share; up +5.0%

Expansion of group positions
6 acquisitions announced in the past 12 months
57% of group sales in the United States/Canada and in new economies in 2013
26% of group sales in new business segments in 2013
Many initiatives in new, complementary distribution channels

On the closing of full-year accounts for 2013, Gilles Schnepp, Legrand Chairman and CEO commented on group results, development and targets...

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Social Responsability

02/10/2014 14:00 Legrand is included in the RobecoSAM “Sustainability Yearbook 2014”

The asset management agency RobecoSAM, in cooperation with KPMG, recently published the latest edition of its annual "Sustainability Yearbook".

This benchmark guide acknowledges outstanding performances in terms of corporate social and environmental responsibility in each business sector and outlines the current sustainability strategies of many major global companies.

4 out of the 28 companies represented in the "Electrical Components and Equipment" sector, among which Legrand, were included in the 2014 yearbook.

This inclusion provides recognition of the Group’s performance on CSR and its efforts to tackle the risks and opportunities of sustainable development.


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02/06/2014 08:30 Legrand continues to expand in the assisted living market and signs joint venture agreement with Neat

Legrand announces the signature of a joint venture agreement(1) with Neat, Spain’s leader in assisted living and a major player in this market Europe-wide
Legrand becomes Europe’s second-largest player in the promising assisted living market

Following its 2011 acquisition of Intervox, France’s leader in electrical systems dedicated to assisted living, and then, in 2013, Tynetec, a frontrunner in this field in the United Kingdom, Legrand today announced the signature of a joint venture agreement(1) with Neat, Spain’s leader of systems for assisted living and a major player in this market Europe-wide.

With this operation, Legrand−already a frontrunner in the “silver economy”−strengthens its positions in assisted living and becomes second in Europe in this field, with in particular no. 1 or no. 2 positions in the major European markets: France, Great-Britain, Spain and Germany.

This market segment holds promising long-term potential and will be underpinned by:
- rising demand from seniors, most of whom wish to live independently in their own homes and
- public authorities supporting the principle in particular on economic grounds as senior citizens account for a fast-growing proportion of the population(2).

Neat offers an ideal complement to Legrand’s existing offer, which includes a range of solutions that promote quality of life for seniors living at home or in specialized institutions with dedicated products including easy-fit sockets, lighting paths to prevent falls, nurse calling systems or terminals for remote assistance.

Based in Madrid, Neat has 90 employees and annual revenues of over €15 million.


¹ The completion of the transaction is subject to customary conditions precedent. Legrand holds 51% of equity.

² According to the World Population Ageing Report 2013 from the UN, by 2050, the world’s population is expected to include 3.3 times as many people over 80 as today.



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02/05/2014 08:30 Legrand pursues expansion in the United States and in digital infrastructures with purchase of Lastar Inc.

Legrand announces the purchase(1) of Lastar Inc., a frontrunner in pre-terminated solutions for Voice-Data-Image (VDI) and audio-video (A/V) networks in the United States
Legrand thus strengthens its positions in both the United States, the group’s second largest country, and the digital infrastructure segment

Following Legrand’s 2011 acquisition of Electrorack, a US specialist in VDI cabinets for data centers, and its 2012 acquisition of Middle Atlantic Products, Inc., North America’s leader in audio and video enclosures, the group is stepping up its expansion in digital infrastructures and today announced the purchase(1) of Lastar Inc., a US frontrunner in pre-terminated solutions for VDI and A/V networks.

Lastar Inc.’s pre-terminated solutions for copper and fiber optic networks sold under well-known brands like Quiktron and C2G are an ideal fit with Legrand’s US offering in structured VDI cabling, a market where the group has already a strong presence with its Ortronics brand.

Integration of Lastar Inc., a key supplier to US distributors specialized in VDI, IT and those present on the web, also strengthens Legrand’s commercial positions in the VDI and A/V markets in the US and in certain growing verticals such as data centers, by developing its positions in these new distribution channels.

With facilities based primarily in the United States and in China, Lastar Inc., which employs around 1,000 people, has annual sales of around USD 130 million.

¹ The completion of the transaction is subject to customary conditions precedent.


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Social Responsability

02/03/2014 18:00 Legrand confirmed as part of the ECPI EMU Ethical Equity index

Having been included in the ECPI EMU Ethical Equity index in 2011, Legrand's membership of this index was confirmed following annual assessment in January 2014.

The ECPI EMU Ethical Equity index, managed by the Italian rating agency, E. Capital Partners, comprises 150 listed companies from within the Euro zone, selected on the basis of their good practices on social, environmental and ethical matters.

Legrand is also represented in the following SRI indexes and registers: DJSI Europe, FTSE4Good, Corporate Oekom Rating, ESI (Ethibel Sustainability Index), Ethibel Pioneer, Ethibel Excellence Registers and the 2014 Sustainability Yearbook.

To find out more about these indexes, click here.

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Social Responsability

02/03/2014 18:00 87% of Legrand industrial sites worldwide certified ISO 14001

One of Legrand’s commitments in the framework of its 2011-2013 Roadmap was to ensure enhanced environmental performance at its industrial sites and logistics centres, with the aim of achieving  systematic ISO 14001* certification.

In particular, the Group is determined to engage its new acquisitions in this certification process as quickly as possible, supporting them in progressing to the required level. Achieving this goal requires considerable and recurring efforts, especially in countries where existing regulations are far removed from the criteria of ISO 14001 certification.

In 2013, 2 new industrial units joined the list of Legrand sites enjoying ISO 14001 certification, namely Nashik in India and Bangkok in Thailand.

The efforts of the teams at these sites, certified by Bureau Veritas, have allowed Legrand to maintain a rate above 87% for the ISO 14001 certification of industrial and logistics units that have been part of the Group for at least 5 years.

*The ISO 14001 standard is an international standard published by the International Organization for Standardization, which establishes a benchmark  for the setting-up of environmental management systems.

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02/03/2014 18:00 Lebanon: Opening of a new Concept store in Beirut

Legrand opened a new Concept store in Beirut on January 21, 2014, in the presence of Chairman & CEO Gilles Schnepp and Export VP Frédéric Xerri. At the heart of Achrafieh, one of Beirut’s liveliest districts, selected distributors, consultants and loyal customers discovered a unique space showcasing the emblematic products of the My Home, Vantage, Legrand, Arnould and Bticino ranges.
This new Concept store is intended for both professionals and end customers, designed to provide them with tailored advice and give them personalised support with their projects.

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Social Responsability

02/03/2014 18:00 Legrand remains part of the ESI (Ethibel Sustainability Index) Excellence Europe index

On the basis of evaluations by Vigeo, Legrand has been confirmed as a component stock of the ESI Excellence Europe index. This index comprises securities belonging to the Ethibel Register, according to a Best-in-Class approach combined with ethical exclusion criteria. Forum ETHIBEL is a consultancy agency for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and socially responsible investment (SRI).

Aside from the ESI index, Legrand is also part of the following stock market indices and CSR registers: DJSI Europe, FTSE4Good, Corporate Oekom Rating, ECPI EMU Ethical Equity, Ethibel Pioneer, Ethibel Excellence Registers and the 2014 Sustainability Yearbook.

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