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12/19/2013 08:30 Legrand ranked No.1 by SMEs for quality supplier relationships and payment term compliance

The French Business mediation authority under the aegis of the Ministry for Productive Recovery, together with SME organisation CroissancePlus, recently launched a nationwide survey among suppliers of large French companies, to assess the quality of their business relationships and respect of payment terms.

No fewer than 530 suppliers of France’s largest businesses were thus questioned about their relationships with their main clients, on criteria including respect of contract provisions, balanced performance terms, compliance with payment terms, quality of dialogue, and medium to long term strategic involvement.

The results of this survey were published by ‘Challenges’ magazine on November 21st, in the form of a ranking in which Legrand achieved the best overall score among 60 major client companies.

The consistency of this outcome with Legrand’s long-standing practice of building sustainable, balanced and mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers, is a source of particular  satisfaction for the Group. Legrand is a holder of the Responsible Supplier Relationships mark.

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12/13/2013 09:00 Antoine Burel designated CFO of the Year for 2013

The 14th edition of the CFO of the Year award was presented to Legrand Group CFO Antoine Burel at the closing reception of this year’s Financium*.

Since its first edition in 2000, this award has annually distinguished chief financial officers for their contributions to a winning corporate strategy, which help to raise the profession’s profile. It is jointly organised by American Express, DFCG (French National Association of Chief Financial and Finance Control Officers), Hudson, Le Figaro and PwC.

Each year, a jury comprised of finance professionals selects candidates on examination of their record. Several criteria are taken into consideration, with special attention being paid to the quality of applicants’ career paths and the economic success of their business. In particular, the assessment focuses on their contribution to the elaboration of strategy and the quality of its implementation. The jury’s criteria include both directly financial aspects and the organisation of the CFO’s scope of responsibility.

Although this is an individual award, it clearly recognizes the Legrand Group’s overall economic success over recent years, achieved thanks to the teamwork of its staff around the world, in the various countries and divisions, and in supporting functions including the finance teams.

* Financium is an annual finance experts forum.

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12/06/2013 09:00 Legrand wins a 2013 Business and Environment Award

At the Pollutec trade show, Legrand received the 2013 Business and Environment Award jury’s grand prize in the "Innovation in eco-technologies" category for its building energy controller.

The Business and Environment Awards are organised annually by the Ministry for the Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy in conjunction with ADEME(*) to recognise companies for their noteworthy achievements in the fields of sustainable development and the environment.

The building energy controller is a simple tool enabling active energy management. It lets users view their consumption, which encourages them to change their behaviour. This results in a saving of up to 30% in energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint for the building equipped with this system.

(*) Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie – French agency for environment and energy control

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11/20/2013 17:30 Appointments of Ms. Bénédicte Bahier and Mr. Bruno Barlet to the Legrand Executive Committee

On a proposal from Gilles Schnepp, Legrand Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,

- Ms. Bénédicte Bahier, Group VP Legal Affairs since 2012, joins the Legrand Executive Committee as of today.
- Mr. Bruno Barlet, currently VP Sales Legrand brand, will join the Legrand Executive Committee on February 1st, 2014 as Executive VP France, replacing Xavier de Froment who will be leaving the Group on January 31st at the age of 64.

Bénédicte Bahier and Bruno Barlet will contribute to Legrand’s development alongside the other nine Executive Committee members.

Legrand’s Executive Committee is responsible for managing sustainable and profitable growth for the Group...


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11/12/2013 17:00 Typhoon Haiyan emergency.

On Friday of last week, the central Philippines were devastated by typhoon Haiyan, which left more than 10 000 killed or disappeared. As a result, several hundred thousand people are currently without shelter and in acute need of humanitarian aid. Fortunately, the staff of Legrand’s subsidiary in the Philippines are all unharmed.

NGO Electriciens sans frontières (ESF) sent a team on site yesterday, tasked with assessing the electricity needs of other humanitarian organisations so as to help them accomplish their emergency work, while also directly assisting disaster victims by providing lighting for emergency camps.

Further volunteers are getting ready to join this task force within the next few days to help set up the necessary power generation devices.

In this context, Legrand is providing electrical material to the ESF teams on site as part of the partnership agreement existing between Legrand and ESF since 2007.

Electriciens sans frontières needs the widest possible support to take quick and effective action on behalf of disaster victims, and every donation is decisive for relief to be provided to the philippine population. If you wish to make a donation, click here http://www.electriciens-sans-frontieres.org/fr/


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11/07/2013 07:30 Results for the first nine months of 2013

Solid performances
Steady sales in organic terms
Adjusted operating margin before acquisitions of 20.5% of sales

New 2013 targets
Narrowing to -1%/+1% of target for organic growth in sales (initially: -2%/+2%)
Rise from 19% to 19.5% in minimum target for adjusted operating margin before acquisitions

Gilles Schnepp, Chairman and CEO of Legrand, comments:
"Solid performances
In the first nine months of the year, Legrand sales were steady at constant scope of consolidation and exchange rates. Excluding exchange-rate effects and including the broader scope of consolidation resulting from acquisitions, sales were up +2.1%. In a generally lackluster economic environment, good showings in new economies (+5.9% organic growth) and in the United States/Canada region (+6.5% organic growth) offset lower sales in other mature countries. The exchange-rate impact was -2.5% and the total change in sales was -0.5%...


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Social Responsability

10/04/2013 14:00 In partnership with the Rexel Foundation, Legrand is supporting social entrepreneurship projects aimed at facilitating access to energy

On October 2nd, 2013, the Rexel Foundation for a better energy future and Ashoka presented the 2013 IMPACT Energy Efficiency Programme awards to 2 of 9 social entrepreneurship project leaders who had been selected for support by the IMPACT Energy Efficiency Programme.

To maintain the momentum generated by the IMPACT programme, Legrand and the Rexel Foundation have combined their efforts and declared their intention to set up a joint skills platform in support of these entrepreneurs. More generally, the partnership between Legrand and the Rexel Foundation aims to allocate resources (equipment, trade skills, etc.) to speed up the development of initiatives to act against energy poverty in France.

More information on the Impact programme: http://www.ashoka-efficacite-energetique.fr/

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Social Responsability

09/26/2013 14:00 Legrand ranked by WWF France and Riposte Verte in the 'PAP50 Entreprises' survey

'PAP50 Entreprises' is the name of a survey which, every three years, assesses the paper use policy of the 50 largest companies in France, analysing especially paper consumption, the share of sustainable paper used, and moves to maximise recycling.

This year, Legrand came 6th in this ranking, with a grade of 65/100 compared to an overall average of 52/100.

At Legrand, the paper use policy is an integral part of the Sustainable Development approach, an environmental commitment which engages all of the workforce on a day-to-day basis.

Find out more about Legrand's initiatives to contain the environmental impact of its activities.

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09/26/2013 14:00 BTicino equips the Casa Camerana in Turin

BTicino has signed a partnership agreement with the architectural firm Camerana&Partners to equip the Casa Camerana with its MyHome automation solutions. Located in the Reale Mutua tower in Turin, this prestige development offers inhabitants and visitors alike an exceptional view across the city.

Camerana&Partners intend to make the project an innovation showcase using leading-edge technologies.


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Social Responsability

09/13/2013 15:00 Legrand included in the 2013 World and Europe Dow Jones Sustainabilty Indexes Stoxx (DJSI)

Following annual assessment in September 2013, Legrand was recently confirmed as part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe of which it has been a component since 2010. It was also included into Dow Jones Sustainability Index World. This stock market indexes comprises companies which are leaders in the field of Sustainability. It is managed, since 1999, by Dow Jones in partnership with RobecoSAM.

Legrand's inclusion in the DJSI Stoxx illustrates the Group's high level of performance in social, societal, environmental and governance terms. Besides the DJSI Stoxx, Legrand is also part of 5 other Sustainability indexes: FTSE4 Good, EURONEXT VIGEO EUROZONE 120, Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe and Excellence Euro, ECPI Ethical EMU Equity. Legrand is also integrated to OEKOM Research notation and into ETHIBEL PIONEER and ETHIBEL EXCELLENCE registers.

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08/01/2013 07:30 2013 first-half results

Solid performances and 2013 targets confirmed
Commercial positions in growing markets strengthened

Gilles Schnepp, Chairman and CEO of Legrand, comments:
“Solid performances in the first half and confirmation of 2013 targets
Group sales in the first half of 2013 came to nearly €2.3 billion for a total rise of 1.4%, or 2.6% excluding exchange-rate effects. The broader scope of consolidation resulting from acquisitions contributed 2.9% of the total.
Organic growth in sales was -0.2% for the first half, close to the central point of our organic growth target for the full year 2013.
In a generally lackluster economic environment, this good resistance was due in particular to strong relative performances in the United States (+8.0% organic growth in the United States/Canada region) and in new economies (+5.2% organic growth) over the first six months of the year.

Adjusted operating income in the first half amounted to €458 million, and came to 20.7% of sales excluding acquisitions (20.3% including acquisitions). This good operating performance illustrates Legrand’s capacity to seize business development opportunities through investments targeting growth in buoyant markets, and also to adapt in countries affected by unfavorable economic conditions...

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08/01/2013 07:30 Changes in Legrand’s Board membership

Following Wendel’s divestment of its entire 5.4% equity interest in Legrand on June 11, 2013, the Legrand Board of Directors, held on July 31, 2013, noted the decision of Mssrs. Frédéric Lemoine and Patrick Tanguy, directors appointed by Wendel, to step down from the Board and its specialized Committees.

The Board extended warm thanks to Mssrs. Frédéric Lemoine and Patrick Tanguy for their very substantial contributions to the work of the Board and its Committees.

This reduces the number of directors on the Board from 12 to 10, a total that includes:
- seven independent directors, representing 70% of the total—i.e., above the 50% ratio recommended by the Afep-Medef Code of Corporate Governance;
- four women, representing 40% of the total—meeting this year the 40% ratio recommended by the Afep-Medef Code of Corporate Governance for 2016 and required by law from 2017; and
- 40% non-French directors, with five nationalities represented: Belgian, Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish.

Membership of specialized Board Committees is now:
- Audit Committee: Mr. Gérard Lamarche (Chairman), Ms. Christel Bories(1), Ms. Eliane Rouyer-Chevalier;
- Nominating and Compensation Committee: Ms. Angeles Garcia-Poveda (Chairwoman), Mr. Olivier Bazil(1), Mr. Gérard Lamarche; and
- Strategy Committee: Ms. Christel Bories (Chairwoman), Mr. Olivier Bazil, Ms. Angeles Garcia-Poveda(1), Mr. Gilles Schnepp.

Following these changes, all specialized Board Committees are now headed by independent directors.

Drawing on its members’ numerous and highly complementary skills, Legrand’s Board of Directors will continue to contribute actively to the group’s development based on a business model that creates substantial and sustainable value for all stakeholders.


(1) New member of the Committee, appointed at the Board of Directors held on July 31, 2013

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Social Responsability

07/30/2013 12:00 Legrand included in the Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 index

Based on assessment carried out by Vigeo, the leading European expert in the CSR assessment of companies and organizations, Legrand's shares have been listed in the Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 index. The companies included in this index are those which achieved the best ratings for their control of social responsibility risks and for their contribution to sustainable development.
Besides Vigeo Eurozone 120, Legrand is also present in 5 other CSR index: FTSE4Good, Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Index (DJSI), ESI Excellence Europe et ESI Excellence Euro,  ECPI Ethical EMU Equity and Oekom Research.

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07/16/2013 17:00 Gilles Schnepp, elected President of the French Federation of Electrical, Electronic and Communications Industries (FIEEC)

During the General Assembly of the FIEEC, Gilles Schnepp was elected to the presidency of the Federation, thus succeeding Pierre Gattaz, recently elected to the  presidency of the MEDEF, the national confederation of French employers.

The FIEEC represents companies within the sector, brings together 30 trade unions and supports actions within the profession.

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07/12/2013 10:00 BTicino receives the Italian National Innovation Award

On June 25th, 2013, BTicino's individual packaging for Livinglight range plates won the Italian National Innovation Award in the "Design" category. This prize rewards businesses and public or private institutions considered to play a driving role in Italy's social, economic and scientific development.

The Livinglight range individual plate packaging solution has a significant impact in environmental and economic terms, enabling a reduction both in volumes and in manufacturing costs.

Previously, this solution won the 2011 Packaging Oscar and was shortlisted in 2012 as part of the ADI Design Index.


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07/02/2013 17:00 Creation of a 'Silver Economy for Tomorrow' Committee

On April 24th, 2013, Arnaud Montebourg, France's Minister for Industrial Renewal, and Michèle Delaunay, the Junior Minister in charge of Senior citizens and Independence, launched a new Silver Economy* initiative.

The French government's determination to help structure this sector of the economy has led, in particular, to the setting-up of a 'Silver Economy for Tomorrow' Committee, co-chaired by Arnaud Montebourg and Michèle Delaunay. On July 1st, Gilles Schnepp was appointed its Vice-Chairman and tasked with leading the committee's operations.

The committee includes representatives from businesses, trade federations and financing bodies, the relevant competence clusters and ministries, as well as players directly involved in assisted living and retirement insurance. Its role is to perform expert apraisal on propositions from industry players, to enable the government to prepare and implement appropriate measures in this field.
Independent Assisted Living is a Sustainable Development priority for Legrand, which provides innovative solutions in this field. Its aim is to encourage home help and to support persons providing assistance to senior citizens. At Legrand Group level, initiatives in this field are coordinated by Giovanni Ungaro, the Intervox Brand Marketing VP.
More information: http://www.legrand.com/EN/assisted-living_12532.html

*The term 'Silver Economy' refers to the various businesses acting with and/or on behalf of senior citizens to set up personal services and boost technology developments that support independent living. Such goods and services are becoming increasingly essential in the context of an ageing world population which already includes 900 million elderly people worldwide, and will be expanding strongly in the coming years.


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06/26/2013 09:00 BTicino back at the Milan Triennale as its technical sponsor

BTicino is the technical sponsor of the "Senza Pericolo" (Without Danger) exhibition at this year's Milan Triennale, which is open to the public from May 3rd to September 1st, 2013. The exhibition explores safety issues in the building sector, via some thematic itineraries.

Showcased in a setting designed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, Federico Bucci's project focuses on aspects of safety as it affects construction, highlighting the use of BTicino solutions.

BTicino supplied the exhibition's own CCTV system, comprised of 12 videosurveillance cameras placed in the various rooms, which provide a real-time image display on an 8-screen monitoring wall.

"We are particularly pleased to be back at the Triennale with the aim of raising the public's awareness on a more than ever topical issue, namely safety in the workplace." said Paolo Perino, BTicino's Chairman and CEO.


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Social Responsability

06/14/2013 17:00 Legrand elected to chair the PEP (Product Environmental Profile) association

Legrand is a founding member of the PEP* association which was set up in 2010, and has now taken over its chairmanship, with Jean-Michel Rossignol, Legrand's Group Environment Manager, being elected to this position at the organization's annual general meeting in May.

The availability of a Product Environmental Profile is one of 7 levers Legrand has identified for the design and development of products with high environmental performance. Legrand makes a point of releasing precise information on the environmental impact of its products at every stage of their life cycle (i.e. manufacture, distribution, installation, use and disposal). The Group is also committed to promoting the use of PEPs throughout the electrical industry.

* The PEP association aims to boost the international development of the PEP ecopassport programme for environmental declarations in line with ISO 14025, to enable the measurement and disclosure of the environmental impact of electrical, electronic and HVAC equipment.

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06/12/2013 17:00 Legrand has the best corporate reputation in the CAC 40 according to Burson-Marsteller i&e and Reputation Institute

In an annual survey conducted by Burson-Marsteller i&e and Reputation Institute, Legrand comes top among CAC 40 component stock companies in terms of corporate reputation.

The classification is based on seven criteria resuming consumers' expectations in terms of: Products & Services, Innovation, Employment, Governance, Citizenship, Leadership, and Performance, with the relative weighting of these aspects varying according to country, culture and socio-economic context. Legrand comes top in three criteria decisive for reputation, namely: Products & Services, Innovation and Citizenship.

This ranking provides recognition of Legrand's expert knowhow and its capacity to put forward high-performance and high-quality products and services, as well as its permanent pursuit of innovation and its responsible development strategy.

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Social Responsability

06/07/2013 17:00 Legrand included in the Oekom Research Corporate rating

Legrand has been granted ‘Prime’ status in the Oekom Research corporate rating.

This decision recognizes the contribution made by the Group's efforts and initiatives in the three fields of Sustainable Development (i.e. the environment, social responsibility and governance) to boosting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) on a worldwide scale.

Find more information about the Group's Sustainable Development approach.

Click here for more information about Oekom.

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Social Responsability

06/06/2013 15:00 Legrand launches its new program,

Acting to sustainably reduce energy inequality

Limoges (France), June 6th, 2013 – Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, is today unveiling its program aimed at sustainably reducing energy inequality: LEGRAND ELECTRICITY FOR ALL™.

As a major player in the electrical industry, Legrand considers that part of its role is to help enable the greatest possible number of people to enjoy sustainable access to electricity. Launched on a global scale, the LEGRAND ELECTRICITY FOR ALL™. program is designed to combine the various initiatives taken by the Group and its subsidiaries to provide access to electricity and act against energy poverty. It involves and mobilises many stakeholders, especially the Group's own employees and development aid organisations. On the basis of its firm belief that energy availability represents a major lever for both economic and human development, Legrand through this program is extending its commitment to helping everyone gain simple, safe and sustainable access to electricity...

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Social Responsability

06/05/2013 14:00 Legrand has been confirmed for inclusion in the Ethibel PIONEER and Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Registers.

Legrand has been selected for inclusion in the Ethibel PIONEER and Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Registers.

This selection indicates that the company can be qualified as a sector leader in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

This provides recognition of the importance which the Legrand Group attaches to growing its business in compliance with non-financial criteria of corporate social and environmental responsibility, thereby placing human development and the environment at the centre of its strategy.

Besides ETHIBEL Sustainaibility, Legrand is also present in 5 other CSR index: FTSE4Good, Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Index (DJSI), ASPI Eurozone,  ECPI Ethical EMU Equity and Oekom Research.
Learn more about Ethibel Investment registers : http://forumethibel.org/content/home.html

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05/24/2013 18:00 Changes in Board membership

The combined ordinary and extraordinary meeting of shareholders was held on May 24, 2013, chaired by Legrand Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Gilles Schnepp.

At the General Meeting, Legrand shareholders adopted all the resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors by a large majority.

In particular, Legrand shareholders approved:
- Ratification of the nomination of Mr. Dongsheng Li as an independent Director; and
- Appointment of Ms. Annalisa Loustau Elia as an independent Director.

KKR no longer holding a stake in Legrand’ share capital since March 2012, the Board of Directors took note of the decision made by Mr. Jacques Garaïalde, a Director who had been appointed by KKR, to step down from his position on the Board. The Directors warmly thanked Mr. Jacques Garaïalde for his very effective and helpful contribution to the works of the Board and of its Committees since 2003.

Currently, the Board has a total of twelve members, including:

-  Seven independent Directors, i.e., a 58%-ratio which exceeds the 50%-ratio recommended by the Afep-Medef Code of Corporate Governance;

-  Four women, i.e., a 33%-ratio which exceeds the 20%-ratio recommended by the Afep- Medef Code of Corporate Governance for 2013. The share of female Directors on the Board of Directors also exceeds this year the ratio required under French law (20% from 2014); and

-  Five nationalities: Belgian, Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish.

Presentations to the General Meeting as well as full results of votes on resolutions and the General Meeting webcast will be available on the Company’s website at www.legrand.com, “Finance / Shareholders’ corner / 2013 General Meeting”.

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Social Responsability

05/22/2013 18:00 Legrand is recognized for the quality of its analysis of greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3*)

Each year, the think tank EIO (Environmental Investment Organisation) publishes several Environmental Tracking Carbon Rankings which rate companies worldwide according to a series of criteria related to their greenhouse gas emissions and their disclosure on this issue.

Legrand, which applies 10 categories of analysis enabling to detail the origin of its Scope 3* greenhouse gas emissions, was ranked 3rd by EIO in this year's "ET scope 3 disclosure leader award", a result that provides recognition of the in-depth efforts made by the teams in charge of these evaluations.

Legrand has been committed for many years to limiting the environmental impact of its activities. Click here to find out more.

*Scope 3 covers the Group's indirect greenhouse gas emissions, i.e. those emissions which are generated by its operations but beyond its organisational scope. Scope 3 thus covers a wide range of contributions including especially emissions related to raw materials and logistics.


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05/07/2013 07:30 2013 first-quarter results in keeping with Legrand’s development plan
2013 targets confirmed

First-quarter achievements:
- Total growth in sales excluding exchange-rate effects: +2%, of which -0.6% organic growth
- Adjusted operating margin excluding acquisitions: 20.2% of sales (19.8% including acquisitions)
- Based on these achievements, Legrand confirms its 2013 targets

Group’s profitable growth profile strengthened:
- Commercial positions improved further, particularly in growing markets (United States plus new economies)
- Continued productivity initiatives

Gilles Schnepp, Chairman and CEO of Legrand, comments:
“Group sales for the first quarter of 2013 showed a total rise of 0.6%, or 2.0% excluding exchange-rate effects, underpinned by a broader scope of consolidation linked to acquisitions that contributed 2.7% of the total. At the same time, organic growth in sales was -0.6% in a market environment with highly differentiated business trends from one country to the other...


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04/23/2013 14:00 Legrand's Finance Department wins a prize at the Finance Leaders Awards

Each year, the Finance Leaders Awards showcase outstanding performers among finance specialists in France. On April 18th, the Legrand Group was awarded a silver trophy in the "Industry Sector Finance Department" category.

This distinction reflects an assessment of the following criteria:
- Performance over the previous three years
- Quality and diversity of initiatives accomplished
- Company overall development over the previous three years
- Innovation capacity

"The jury particularly singled out the original steering scheme at Legrand, which enables the Group to grow profitably in a way that is suited to the economic conditions in each country. This distinction is a reward for the various teams and professions that make up the Finance Department worldwide, and of course for the countries, divisions and corporate functions that contribute to enhancing performance."

Antoine Burel
Executive VP & Group CFO.

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Social Responsability

04/18/2013 18:00 Legrand confirmed in the FTSE4Good index

During the evaluation of March 2013, Legrand has once again been ranked in the FTSE4Good* index, after its first inclusion in 2007.

FTSE Group confirms that Legrand has been independently assessed according to the FTSE4Good criteria, and has satisfied the requirements to become a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index Series.

This provides recognition of the importance which the Legrand Group attaches to growing its business in compliance with non-financial criteria of corporate social and environmental responsibility, thereby placing people and the environment  at the centre of its strategy.

Besides the FTSE4Good, Legrand is also present in 4  other CSR  index: Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Index (DJSI), ASPI Eurozone, Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe, and ECPI Ethical EMU Equity.

* Created by the global index company FTSE Group, FTSE4Good is an equity index series that is designed to facilitate investment in companies that meet globally recognised corporate responsibility standards. Companies in the FTSE4Good Index Series have met stringent environmental, social and governance criteria, and are positioned to capitalise on the benefits of responsible business practice.

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04/15/2013 17:00 BTicino acts as technical sponsor of Cosmit for the “Living Office Project” by Jean Nouvel, at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan

BTicino is present between April 9th and 14th at the 52nd edition of the Milan International Furniture Fair as technical sponsor to the organiser Cosmit in the framework of the "Living Office Project" developed by celebrated architect Jean Nouvel, winner in 2008 of the prestigious Pritzker Prize.

A 1,200 square metre space entirely designed by Jean Nouvel will enable visitors to explore five original working environments showcasing newly developed solutions. The project reinterprets the notion of living at one's workplace by using new materials, innovative technologies including lighting control, and the personalization of surroundings through furniture and objects. Its aim is to offer spaces that are both efficient and comfortable at once.

BTicino, consistently in pursuit of new aesthetic and technological solutions, was therefore quite a natural partner for this project, ensuring that all working environments concerned were fitted with Livinglight Air range solutions. Also on show, as a sneak preview, will be two 10" demonstration touch screens.

According to Paolo Perino, Chief Executive Officer of BTicino: "At BTicino, we are constantly on the lookout for new materials and leading-edge technologies to be able to offer solutions that are comfortable, efficient and easy on people and their environment. We are therefore happy to support Cosmit and Jean Nouvel's project which reflects the increasing demand for enhanced quality of life, personalization and functional efficiency in our workspace".

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03/29/2013 14:00 Appointment of Frédéric Xerri to the Legrand Executive Committee

On  a  proposal from Gilles Schnepp, Legrand’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Frédéric Xerri, Group VP Export since 2012, will join the Group’s Executive Committee, effective as of March 2013.

With  over  20  years of experience within the Group, he will contribute to Legrand’s  development,  working  alongside the nine current members of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee of Legrand is in charge of managing sustainable and profitable growth for the Group.


Frédéric Xerri, Executive VP Export

Born  on  May  23,  1969,  Frédéric  Xerri  joined  Legrand  in 1992 in the marketing  department  in  Germany then in France. In 1999 he was appointed Manager  of  a strategic business line at the Marketing Department. In 2003 he  became  Sales  Director  in Russia and was appointed Country Manager in 2005.  In  2010 he joined the Export department as Deputy VP Export, before being appointed Group VP Export in 2012.

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03/27/2013 18:00 International Design Biennial 2013 in St Etienne

On the occasion of the International Design Biennial in Saint Etienne, Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, has unveiled a new exploratory research project led by the Group's Art and Design teams on control by gesture recognition.

Its aim is to illustrate the possibility of imagining new forms of control complementary with more conventional switches or touch screens. An interactive animation enables visitors to experience the actual effects of their gestures on the controls of a house. By a simple hand movement, for instance, they can raise a roller shutter, make the lights come on or activate a wind turbine… Functions that obey your slightest move!

This prospective line of research fits perfectly with Legrand's innovation strategy. The idea at this stage is to test the level of awareness and acceptance enjoyed by a technology which has until now been used almost exclusively in the video game industry.

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Social Responsability

03/11/2013 17:00 Workplace equal opportunity week at Legrand

From March 4th to 8th, 2013, Legrand organised a week of events for its employees, aimed at raising awareness of the issues related to equal opportunities in the workplace. Topics such as mixed gender access to professions, the impact of stereotypes, and the place of women within the Group were all touched on in the course of this week, which concluded on March 8th - International Women's Day - with the publication of a webzine dedicated to women, comprising contributions submitted by Group employees of both sexes.

This initiative enabled the entire company to join in supporting Legrand's policy of encouraging gender mixity at work, through participative events including:
- the in-house webzine dedicated to women drafted by company staff and released on the Intranet on March 8th
- a 'women@legrand' Facebook page
- quizzes and surveys on workplace equality
- a street-poll
- and various other communications (computer graphics, videos, etc.)

Find out more about the progress of the objectives and commitments in Legrand's 2011-2013 Sustainable Development roadmap.

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02/25/2013 17:00 Brazilian wiring device range Nereya wins awards for its design

NEREYA recently received a double distinction for its innovative design:

- the IDEA Brazil award in the 'wellness' category
Promoted by the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America), this prize rewards outstanding trends and in Design.
- the "Museu da Casa Brasileira" Design Award in the category "Construction Equipment", under the aegis of the Brazilian Ministry of Education.

Designed by renowned Brazilian designer Guto Indio da Costa in cooperation with the Legrand Design Studio, the prize-winning range is characterised by curved lines that blend perfectly with contemporary decorative environments.

More information on PIAL Legrand and Nereya.

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02/14/2013 07:30 2012 annual results

Very good performances despite a difficult economic environment
Sales: +5.1%
Net income excluding minorities: +5.6%
Free cash flow: +20%
Dividend: +7.5%, €1.00 per share

Ongoing self-financed strengthening of group positions
New economies: 38% of 2012 sales vs. 35% in 2011
External growth: 4 acquisitions announced in 2012

On the closing of full-year accounts for 2012, Gilles Schnepp, Legrand Chairman and CEO commented on group results, fundamentals and targets...

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02/06/2013 08:30 Legrand actively pursues expansion in new economies by acquiring Seico in Saudi Arabia

Legrand takes control of Seico¹, Saudi leader in industrial metal cable trays
Legrand thus strengthens its presence in Saudi Arabia, a high-growth market where it is already leader in wiring devices 

Legrand is actively pursuing its strategy of development through self-financed acquisitions of small to medium-size businesses with leading positions in their markets, and today announced the purchase of Seico. Seico is the leader of the Saudi market for industrial metal cable trays, a segment where it is also a top player in other countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council².

The move expands Legrand’s presence in Saudi Arabia, a fast-growing market where the group already ranks first in wiring devices. Seico’s strong ties to key players in the oil and gas vertical market in the Gulf also strengthen Legrand’s positions in this high-growth market segment. 

Seico has three production plants in Saudi Arabia which manufacture all of its output, and its 2012 sales totaled around €23 million. 


¹ Seico: Saudi Electric Industries Company

² Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar



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Social Responsability

01/28/2013 17:00 Legrand joins the Board of the Emirates Green Building Council

Having been an active member of the Emirates Green Building Council (EGBC) since 2008, Legrand has now become a member of its Board and is committed to contributing to guiding this organization towards future successes.

The main role of the EGBC is to accelerate the market's adoption of more energy efficient and sustainable building technologies, with lower environmental impact.

Since 2010, Legrand has also been a member of the Singapore Green Building Council.

Discover Legrand's Green Building solutions.

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Social Responsability

01/17/2013 10:00 Legrand confirmed as part of the ECPI EMU Ethical Equity index

Having been included in the ECPI EMU Ethical Equity index in 2011, Legrand's membership of this index was confirmed recently following annual assessment in December 2012.

The ECPI EMU Ethical Equity index, managed by the Italian rating agency, E. Capital Partner, comprises 150 listed companies from within the Euro zone, chosen for their good practices on social, environmental and ethical matters.

Legrand is also represented in four other SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) indices, namely the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe, FTSE4 Good, Aspi Eurozone and Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe.

To get more information about theses indices, please click here

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