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Financial information

First-half 2015 results

First-half 2015 results
Total growth in sales +8.4%
Adjusted operating income up +6.5%

Ongoing development
Acquisitions: 3 deals announced in new business segments
Internet of Things: launch of Eliot program

2015 targets confirmed

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Group News

Legrand completes the acquisition of Raritan, Inc. in the United States

Legrand today announced the completion of its acquisition of Raritan, Inc., a frontrunner in intelligent PDUs and KVM switches in North America

Press release

Legrand launches Eliot, its program for speeding up the deployment of its connected devices offering

Legrand is convinced that the Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up a new era for buildings. This is why Legrand is announcing the launch of Eliot, a program designed to speed up the deployment of its connected devices offering and thereby facilitate the emergence of connected buildings wherever IoT can enhance use value for all users.

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