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Results for the first nine months of 2017

Good performance in the first nine months of 2017
Steep rise in total sales: +7.7%
Double-digit growth in adjusted operating profit (+10.0%), net profit attributable to the Group (+11.4%), and normalized free cash flow (+12.2%)

Sharp acceleration in development initiatives 
Rise in investments dedicated to new products: +27% in the first nine months of 2017
Strong contribution of acquisitions to sales growth expected: nearly +15% in 2017‑2018 

2017 minimum targets raised 
Organic growth in sales: new target +2% to +3% (initially between 0% and +3%)
Adjusted operating margin before acquisitions: new target 19.8% to 20.1% (initially between 19.3% and 20.1%)

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Group News

Successful new bond issue for Legrand

Legrand today successfully launched a bond issue for a total of €400 million with a 6-year maturity. The maturity date is October 9, 2023 and its annual coupon 0.5%.

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2017 first-half results

Ongoing growth acceleration
Total sales: +9.1%
Double-digit increase in results and cash flow
Adjusted operating profit: +10.9%
Net profit attributable to the Group: +11.5%
Free cash flow: +19.1%
2017 targets fully confirmed

Gilles Schnepp, Chairman and CEO of Legrand, commented

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